Advanced WebRTC streaming

Connect to video feeds remotely with our WebRTC tech for the Windows platform.
Our clients use WebRTC to monitor and control cloud-based or remotely located playout systems, ingest solutions and production switchers. WebRTC is built into MFormats SDK, our frame-based video framework and code library, and can be used with C#, C++, VB.NET and Delphi.
Use cases
Remote monitoring of video feeds hundreds of miles away.
Control remotely located and cloud-based applications.
Let viewers access remote feeds via their browsers.
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Key features
Sub-second latency
Delay in normal conditions is around 100 ms.
Full browser support
Works in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari—as well as on Android and iOS.
Improved quality
Video up to 80 mbps and 512 kbps audio.
GPU-powered H.264 encoding
Runs on GPU codecs from Intel and Nvidia.
Instant connectivity
Just works in most network environments.
Built-in statistics
Know exactly what's going on: from audio quality to video quality to sync.
Case studies
Truong Quoc Sanh
CTO at Tek4TV
"Medialooks had the best way to deal with the problem — a technology called WebRTC."

Ben Taylor
CTO at Broadcast Pix
"We took a number of sample applications and looked at resource utilization and saw that CPU load and memory usage are less than they are with the tools that we had been using. Performance was really critical for us."

Imaging company utilizes MPlatform SDK for underwater recording system
"That just kind of blew the doors off a bunch of stuff. We were using RTMP previous to that and then made the switch over to WebRTC, and it was just superior in every way."

Marco Branzanti
CTO at Axel Technology
This Italian company has built its TV automation software business with Medialooks technology.

Andrey Kravtsov
CTO at Indico Systems
"Moving from DirectShow to MPlatform has made our work simpler and increased our productivity. Working with DirectShow required knowledge that only 2 people in our company had. Now I can assign a task to someone who doesn't have this specific knowledge. You still need to understand the SDK, but it is much easier to learn."

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