Rich graphic layouts, scrolls and animation

via JavaScript, WebGL and other features of HTML5

Use cases

State-of-the-art CG

You can use the HTML5 plugin as a live source in MFormats and MPlatform SDKs just the same way you can use a web-camera or a capture device.

Broadcast easily

Multiple video layers

Use web technologies and skills to add state-of-the-art CG in your video apps.

Use any web content as a regular live source for broadcasting.

Display third-party web sites on top of your video streams.


What HTML5 plugin contains

JavaScript capabilities

Control your graphics overlay with JavaScript.

WebGL for 3D

Use WebGL for 3D overlay.

WebCapture engine

With HTML5 you don’t need another capture device.

The License for the HTML5 plugin

For details about the process — check our FAQ


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