Broadcast-quality chroma keying

Add our green screen technology to your video production app

How our technology works

Anti-spill correction and spill supression algorithms

We use several two-layered ellipsoids floating in the RGB, YUV or HLS colorspace cube to isolate color regions to be removed (made transparent) in the image. Transparency between the two ellipsoids changes in a linear way from fully transparent to non-transparent.

Several color ranges to process complex backgrounds

Suits for different color spaces

It enables quality color processing on image edges and smooth borders.

3D keying algorithm based on a 2-layered elipsoid for precise transparent area selection.

Support for RGB, YUV and HLS color spaces.

Separate handling of fields

Separate handling of fields enables interlaced video support.

The License for the Chroma key plugin

For details about the process — check our FAQ


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