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Our engineers

The wizards, who make the magic happen.
Vsevolod Burkutsky
Co-founder & Software architect
I co-founded Medialooks in 2005. I like cars, cats and coding. My goals are: peace of mind and peace in the world.
Alexander Bashlykov
Head of Tech Support
What makes a team great? A great product. Great relationships with customers. Great communications within the team. And much more! :) What am I doing here? I put all my efforts to make our team really great. Wanna talk about it? Let's get in touch!
Andrey Bujmakov
Software Integration Engineer
I joined Medialooks in December 2015. Now I have the greatest opportunity to work with a high-skilled professional team in the best company in the world. I like the seaside, guitar playing and I do a lot of reading. Will help you to find the way out from any deadlock and will clarify your misunderstandings.
Pavel Dmitrov
Software Developer
My job is to make our software development kits better. I am happy to jump on a problem and solve it as fast as possible — in order to make sure that our tools are state-of-the art and that our customers' products perform with the precision of Swiss watches. Once my job is done for the day, I fire up my bike to take off an enjoy the beautiful sunset sky.
Daniel Pleshkov
Product Manager
I am ready for everything to find out exactly what you need. And create a product that will make you happy. Let's do rock and roll together!
Anton Serov
Software Developer
Write each line of code and spend every day with purpose, not just for fun. I like clean, testable and meaningful code. I also like listening music, reading books, watching movies and singing.
Roman Zalesinskiy
Software Integration Engineer
The night gathers, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until my death. I shall wear no crowns and win no glory. I shall live and die at my post. I am the sword in the darkness. I am the Support. I am the shield that guards the realms of men. I pledge my life and honour to Medialooks for this night and all the nights to come.
System Administrator
Information hidden for security reasons.

Those, who don't code (yet)

Making sure that everything else is covered.
Victoria Mandelshtam
Office Manager/ Assistant director
You know, that's my superpower - I pick up on people's vibes and level it up with the help of sweets, snacks, lunch breaks and hygge - feeling at work. Considering the fact that we spend, on average, over 40 hours in the office each week, this can have a surprisingly powerful effect on our team mood at work.
Julia Kelareva
Sales Manager
Hi everybody ! I just have joined the greatest team in the world and full of enthusiasm to comunicate with our customers and help out in all ways possible. I am a traveller, a horserider and a foodie) Feel free to contact me at any time!
Andrey Okunev
Co-Founder and CEO
I co-founded Medialooks with my partner Vsevolod a long time ago. My focus in the team is on business development, sales and marketing. I love learning, reading, driving cars and motorbikes. I am also responsible for developing our messaging and collaboration tool Runby.
Leonid Titov
Sales Manager
I believe that sales is not just a process of exchanging money for goods but a way to help somebody make his life better in a specific field. I love it when all the things are in the right places: documents are correct, cookies are delivered to the kitchen and my son is happy playing with Lego. :)
Tim Tselikovski
Internet Marketing—this is fine ;)
My goal is to find all the bottlenecks and optimize them.
Our values
We help developers save time moving forward with their ideas. In our daily jobs we rely heavily on stuff produced by other people — software development kits, desktop and browser apps, computers and smartphones.

We respect that and do our best to provide maximum value to our customers.

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