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MPlatform SDK is the best tool for rapid software development
of professional video applications for the broadcast and entertainment markets.
Fast development
Create a professional software in days. So you can save your money on development resources and reduce your time-to-market.
Unified approach
Use the same code for different capture and playback devices, for different source files and network streams, for different output encoding or streaming. The same codebase works perfectly on different machines with different configurations. Once done - works everywhere.
Excellent support
The work of our support service can be adapted to your business workflow. This applies to individual rules of communication and development on demand.
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Use cases
MPlatform SDK is tailored for the most popular use cases in the broadcast industry.
But it's also flexible enough — so you can come up with your's.
Playout systems
Channel-in-a box, TV automation, channel branding & streaming.
Video switchers
Live production tools with video mixing, effects, transitions and chroma key.
24/7 video ingest
From SDI, IP or NDI to bunch of containers.
Key features
MPlatform SDK boasts a set of high-level features that make development
of specific use cases fast and easy. Works with C#, C++, VB.NET and Delphi.
  • Professional capture and playback devices support (AJA, Blackmagic, Bluefish444, Deltacast, Magewell)
  • Screen Capturing engine
  • Web-cams and other external devices support
  • Support for RTMP, RTSP, UDP, HLS protocols
  • Playlist management (an object to create professional broadcasting playlists)
  • Mixing of multiple sources (picture-in-picture, side-by-side, etc.) - to make your results look professional
  • Timeshifting engine with a feature of export a fragment to a file
  • Playback of growing files GPU-accelerated video decoding, processing, and encoding
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Application Category
Development Use
Our prices are royalty-free.
The licensing process is very simple.
Playout automation
MPlatform SDK with decoders.
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Multi-channel ingest
MPlatform SDK with encoders.
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Truong Quoc Sanh
CTO at Tek4TV
"Medialooks had the best way to deal with the problem — a technology called WebRTC."

Andrey Kravtsov
CTO at Indico Systems
"Moving from DirectShow to MPlatform has made our work simpler and increased our productivity. Working with DirectShow required knowledge that only 2 people in our company had. Now I can assign a task to someone who doesn't have this specific knowledge. You still need to understand the SDK, but it is much easier to learn."

Marco Branzanti
CTO at Axel Technology
"I've done them because with MPlatform it's fast an easy… MPlatform is everywhere, and we've learned to use it in different ways. Our purpose is to try to find a market, a need and develop an application that we can add to our range of products."

Craig Senych
VP of Operations at Inuktun
"We do business with you because we love your products' ease of use with our application, the continuous improvement to your products, the great customer support and the royalty free licensing."

Rush Beesley
president of RUSHWORKS
"We've been working hard on top of your SDK for several years now and had outstanding results largely in part to the cooperation and interaction from your team in helping us through rough spots… You're doing a really good job of all the things that are important as far as we are concerned in establishing and maintaining a relationship between an SDK manufacturer and the developer."

"What Medialooks allows us to do is to work at a higher level. We can focus on the user experience of the application without having to worry about the lower-level encoding processes and that functionality — you guys can handle that, and then we handle the front end."

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