Low Latency Video Streaming Solution

Your day-to-day tool for remote production & remote video contribution.

Remote contribution

Instantly receive broadcast-quality contribution feeds from remotely located news anchors, TV show hosts and invited guests.

Multi-camera remote production

Dramatically reduce costs by traveling less to sports and entertainment venues—while transporting raw feeds to a central studio.

Monitoring and return feeds

Provide remote talent, directors, colorists and technicians with real-time video streams for both live and post-production environments.

Virtual conference production

Invite multiple speakers into a video conference environment to produce a professional TV show.

Low latency video streaming solution to transmit live video feeds of SDI & NDI over the public Internet with up to real-time latency.

VT Publisher & VT Receiver

Easy-to use Windows applications to transport low-latency video feeds between distant locations. Supports Blackmagic Design, AJA, and NDI®.

Cloud-based control panel

A centralized tool for configuration, management and monitoring of video transmission links between multiple locations.

A web-based bi-directional contribution link

The easiest way to bring a guest into a live video production—works in most browsers, on any device.

VT Guest

A dedicated bi-directional application for remote reporters, news anchors and other “at-home" contributors. Supports Blackmagic Design, AJA, and NDI®.

Low-latency web-based preview

Real-time video feed delivery to tablets, mobile devices and desktop browsers — for portable monitoring and instant feedback or commentary.
Video Transport enables video production teams to think beyond the constraints of cables, physical space and distance—regardless of preferred workflow, it makes remotely located NDI® or SDI sources instantly available via the public Internet, in production quality and with up to real-time latency.

Whether you are doing remote multi-camera production or integrating remote anchors into a live studio production or directing a virtual panel discussion, Video Transport provides the tools to bring your costs down as well as up your video production game and stay ahead of the competition.

Video Transport is a proprietary protocol that works on top of SRT and features automatic site discovery and network traversal (based on ICE), advanced forward error connection (FEC) and ARQ recovery implementations.

H.264 and H.265 compression is used for bandwidth reduction — from as low as 2 Mbps to as high as 80 Mbps for perceptually lossless transmission. When interfacing with a browser for remote video contribution or monitoring, the transport method will switch to WebRTC.

Built on top of SRT
ICE-based NAT traversal
Dynamic FEC and ARQ
Multichannel audio
H.265/HEVC encoding (on Nvidia)
Alpha channel support
For NDI & SDI workflows
PTZ control over NDI
Screen sharing

Depending on task and conditions, choose between real-time latency, delivery quality or precise timing.

Real-time latency

As low as 100 msec. Sensitive to network conditions. Use when your goal is more to react to the feed than to deliver it for production.

Predictable reliability

More latency gives more room for error correction and leads to stable video quality. Use when quality is more important than latency.

Fixed latency

If fixed to a specific value, latency control allows for multiple feeds to arrive at the same time—such as in musical productions.

Mix-minus routing


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