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Our products are used by dozens of companies and TV stations around the world

Create professional 24/7 broadcast
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We make the world’s best
DirectShow filters.
We’ve done it for years.

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MFormats SDK
Work with video files just as if they
were random access memory

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Supported hardware

One of the best things we do is integration with professional I/O hardware:

Stream Labs
Delta Cast

Supported platforms & development environments

We currently support the Windows platform. All our software is written in C++. We make our components avai-
lable to developers in C#, VB6, VB.NET and Delphi by providing easy-to-read sample applications and tutorials.


Compression formats and containers (file formats)

We support all of the most common file containers and compression formats, such as:

File formats
Video codecs
Audio codecs

We make use of FFmpeg for our decoding and encoding needs,
combined with our own, proprietary technology.


NAB Show 2014 meetups and highlights
April 03, 2014

I will be available for meetings in Las Vegas during the days of the expo (April 7-10, 2014). I will also spend a day in LA on the 11th to meet with a customer and then will travel to Alexandria, VA to see an old friend of mine. Learn more...

MPlatform (beta) release highlights
February 21, 2014

A new beta version of MPlatform is available for download: 64-bit support, chroma key improvements, CUDA H.264 encoder and VANC data handling. Learn more...

64-bit release of MPlatform and plans for other products
February 18, 2014

We'll be uploading a 64-bit version of MPlatform SDK this week. I'll explain what this means in this post. Plus, I will share our 64-bit roadmap for other things we've got. Learn more...

New Multi-Format Source DirectShow filter
December 20, 2013

We have just released our new multi-format DirectShow decoder (click here to download) - a combined reader, splitter and decoder that uses a combination of FFmpeg and our proprietary technology to play out most of the available file formats. The filter uses LGPL builds of FFmpeg, is available for commercial licensing and can be used in commercial applications. Learn more...

Customer stories

Nacsport customer story
March 13, 2014

Alberto Rodríguez González is the founder and lead video developer of Nacsport - a company that makes sports performance analysis software. I reached out for some feedback on the Multi-Format Source filter, that they had licensed recently, but we lost focus and talked about all sorts of things. Learn more...

Deyan Automation customer story
March 05, 2014

I first met Dejan Sekan during a workshop we held in Cyprus in 2011. Customers? In Limassol? I thought there were only tourists, most of them Russian. Nevertheless we met in a real office, in a nice conference room. Deyan Automation has been serving broadcast clients worldwide since 2003. I recently talked to Dejan, the company's founder and chief engineer, about his company and its products. Learn more...

MPlatform used with the Stream Labs MH4LM: two customer stories
February 14, 2014

After an intense period of close collaboration, we now have 2 customers using MPlatform with I/O hardware from Russian company Stream Labs. These companies are: April Broadcast from India and Rushworks from the U.S. I am excited to share some information about their products in this post. Learn more...

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