Low-latency WebRTC streaming

We have the most user-friendly implementation of WebRTC for C#, C++, VB.NET and Delphi.
Key features
WebRTC is a p2p streaming technology that allows video professionals to transfer audio/video data between computers and browsers over the Internet with low latency.
GPU-powered H.264 encoding
Encode high-quality 4K streams with audio via Nvidia's NVENC and Intel's Quick Sync.
WebRTC broadcasting
Serve multiple connected clients with just one encoder.
Low latency
Allow users to join the show with less than 1 second delay.
Frame accuracy
Create online video editing tools that have almost the same precision as desktop solutions.
Built-in statistics
Know exactly what's going on: from audio quality to video quality to sync.
Easy to connect
Works instantly in almost any network environment.
Use cases
Use WebRTC to stream from app to browser, from browser to app and from app to app.
Web-based interfaces
Build web UI for your Windows applications – from basic video monitoring to frame-accurate video editing.
High-quality video transmission
Reliably transmit your media between remote locations.
Video aquisition
Allow mobile devices and web browsers to connect to your native Windows app as video sources.
An IP gateway
Re-stream to WebRTC from UDP or NDI.
Choose your product
WebRTC is supported both by MPlatform and MFormats software development kits.
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