Video Scaler DirectShow filter

Broadcast-quality video scaler for real-time resizing & rescaling.

Video Scaler is a DirectShow filter that scales & resizes interlaced or progressive video with professional quality.

Download Video Scaler DirectShow filter

Use cases

  • Ideal for HD to SD or SD to HD scaling.
  • Perfect for non-linear video editing systems and capture applications.
  • Can be used as deinterlacing filter. The filter can output only one field of an interlaced video, or convert each interlaced frame into two progressing frames this way doubling the frame rate (BOB deinterlacing).


  • Full compatibility with ITU-R BT.601.
  • Optimized for multi-core (SMP) systems.High performance (HD to SD conversion up to 75 fps at P4 D820 processor).Support for interlaced (scaling by fields) and progressive video.
  • Support for color space conversion (RGB24, RGB32, YUY2, UYVY, YVYU, YV12, I420).
  • Various types of interpolation: bilinear, bicubic, super-sampling, multi-pass, etc.
  • Aspect ratio maintained on output (anamorphic, letter-box, pillar-box).
  • Field processing (PAL to NTSC, NTSC to PAL, first field, second field, double rate).

Resizing methods

  • eVCR_Nearest - neighbours neirborn. Not very fine quality but very fast.
  • eVCR_Linear - linear interpolation (bilinear). Middle quality, but rather fast.
  • eVCR_Cubic - cubic interpolation (bicubic). Fine quality.
  • eVCR_Super - super sampling interpolation (bicubic in enlarge case). Fine quality.
  • eVCR_Lanczos - lanczos interpolation. Fine quality.
  • eVCR_CubicWithMP - cubic interpolation for horizontal and weight-based with gauss distribution for vertical. Fine quality, recommended for resizing of interlaced video.
  • eVCR_MPLinear - weight-based algorithm with linear distribution. Fine quality but not very fast.
  • eVCR_MPGauss - weight-based algorithm with gauss distribution. Fine quality but not very fast.
  • eVCR_MPBlackman - weight-based algorithm with blackman distribution. Fine quality but not very fast.
  • eVCR_MPHamming - weight-based algorithm with hamming distribution. Fine quality but not very fast.


This filter has been deprecated. Please try MFormats SDK instead.