Video Mixer DirectShow filter

Professional DirectShow filter for real-time mixing of several video streams.

This filter will mix streams in real-time, such as those from digital video cameras, webcams, TV tuner cards, video capture boards or files. Supports geometric transforms and transitions. The Video Mixer filter works very well with our chroma key DirectShow solution.

Download Video Mixer DirectShow filter

If you don't enjoy DirectShow, please check our DirectShow-free MPlatform SDK, which has built-in vision mixing features. For super-advanced GPU-powered video mixing technology please see our MComposer.

Possible use cases

  • Software vision mixers.
  • Software multiviewers.
  • Digital signage applications.
  • Surveilance systems.


  • Real-time mixing of video streams.
  • HD video support.
  • Custom alpha mask for each output video block.
  • Geometric transforms (e.g. perspective transform or 3D projection).
  • Save video mixing configurations into "scenes" and instantly switch between them.
  • Smooth transitions between "scenes".
  • Chroma keying (Chroma Key DirectShow filter required).
  • The ability to specify source and destination rectangles for each input video stream.
  • Multiple output video blocks from one input stream.
  • Alpha blending (transparency) support for each output video block.Input video streams can be of different color space, size and FPS.
  • Video files & images can be used as input streams.
  • Solid color or image can be used as background.
  • Proper interlaced video resizing.
  • Paint borders around video blocks.
  • ARGB video input with alpha channel support.
  • Reordering of the input stream.


This product has been deprecated. Please look into MFormats SDK instead.