A trusted partner
in video technology

Medialooks is a long-term partner to software companies in several industries,
where video is critical to achieving success.
Areas we have experience working in
We have over 12 years of experience in video playback and compression, playout & capture, chroma keying, closed captions, low-latency streaming and broadcast graphics.
Playout systems, compliance recording,
multichannel ingest, etc.
Live content production, cinema,
video casinos.
Digital signage
Video displays and digital scoreboards.
Live medical recording and remote medicine.
Professional video security,
remote monitoring.
E-learning, webinars and webcasts.
Video analysis
From sports to video-enabled
market & observational research.
Visual inspection
Remote imaging for pipeline video inspection, deep sea mining or marine research.
Video recording systems for police,
military and courts.
What are you looking to achieve?
What are your goals? What is the challenge you're faced with?