Medialooks Video SDK

Tools for developing professional video applications
Medialooks SDK has a wide range of features necessary for fast product development without involving a large team of developers. We've created tools that give you the ability to focus on your business objectives, rather than reinventing the wheel from scratch.
Medialooks SDK will help businesses and developers who professionally create video and media applications such as:
    • nonlinear systems;
    • video conferences (streaming);
    • video capture software;
    • playout;
    • ingest;
    • video logging;
    • video analytics systems (example, eye-tracking).
    3 WHYs
    All the features you need in one product
    By integrating high quality code from Medialooks SDK with a variety of third-party components, you can add a wide range of features into your product to ensure it is in demand and competitive.
    Short time to market
    With flexibility of the SDK, lots of its features, and its intuitive objects, the development goes fast. It gives you shorten time to market and growth to your business.
    Use your favorite language
    You can use the SDK with C#, VB.Net, C++, and Delphi. Lots of samples for most common scenarios for your guidance included.
    Can't decide which SDK would work best for your team?
    Can't decide to buy a ready solution
    or build your own?

    Pros to developing your own software:
    • The software realizes only those features that are required for your project.
    • The source code is available and it is easy-to-fix.
    • You have a solution with maximal performance.
    • You can develop the solution further according to your needs.
    Cons to developing your own software:
    • Time-consuming. Development from the scratch takes more time.
    • Expensive. Time is money, after all.
    • The solution could contain bugs and errors, expecially at the integration stage.
    Pros to buying software:
    • The solution functionality is tested by big user community.
    • It solves problems that you probably can't predict if you develop yourself.
    • You concentrate on business needs, not ways to solve technical tasks.
    • You have a qualified technical support.
    • The product is constantly improved.
    Cons to buying software:
    • It is hard to get ways around appeared problems on your own.
    • Discovered solutions could be not the most optimal.
    Choose the Best Option
    MFormats Pro
    MFormats Expert
    MFormats Ultimate
    RTMP, UDP, RTSP, HLS support
    MXF, MOV, TS, MP4, etc. support
    NDI support
    Capture and playback devices support
    Mixing of different sources
    Video transitions
    Timeshifting engine
    WebRTC support
    Emergency encoding recovery
    GPU-powered video encoding
    GPU-powered video processing
    Playlist automation
    Audio normalization
    (EBU R128, ITU-R BS.1770)
    Video mixing automation
    Text and graphics overlay
    Only simple functionality. For professional overlay the Character Generator is required.
    Only simple functionality. For professional overlay the Character Generator is required.
    Only simple functionality. For professional overlay the Character Generator is required.
    Character Generator is included.
    HTML5 graphics overlay engine
    ChromaKey engine
    SRT and DVB-compatible streaming support
    With the Streaming Pack
    With the Streaming Pack
    With the Streaming Pack
    With the Streaming Pack
    Closed Captions
    and SCTE triggers
    For more information about the price, please contact our sales team.
    Customer Success Stories
    Truong Quoc Sanh
    CTO at Tek4TV
    "Medialooks had the best way to deal with the problem — a technology called WebRTC."

    Andrey Kravtsov
    CTO at Indico Systems
    "Moving from DirectShow to MPlatform has made our work simpler and increased our productivity. Working with DirectShow required knowledge that only 2 people in our company had. Now I can assign a task to someone who doesn't have this specific knowledge. You still need to understand the SDK, but it is much easier to learn."

    Marco Branzanti
    CTO at Axel Technology
    "I've done them because with MPlatform it's fast an easy… MPlatform is everywhere, and we've learned to use it in different ways. Our purpose is to try to find a market, a need and develop an application that we can add to our range of products."

    Craig Senych
    VP of Operations at Inuktun
    "We do business with you because we love your products' ease of use with our application, the continuous improvement to your products, the great customer support and the royalty free licensing."

    Rush Beesley
    president of RUSHWORKS
    "We've been working hard on top of your SDK for several years now and had outstanding results largely in part to the cooperation and interaction from your team in helping us through rough spots… You're doing a really good job of all the things that are important as far as we are concerned in establishing and maintaining a relationship between an SDK manufacturer and the developer."

    "What Medialooks allows us to do is to work at a higher level. We can focus on the user experience of the application without having to worry about the lower-level encoding processes and that functionality — you guys can handle that, and then we handle the front end."

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