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Fast development
Create a professional software in days. So you can save your money on development resources and reduce your time-to-market.
Unified approach
Use the same code for different capture and playback devices, for different source files and network streams, for different output encoding or streaming. The same codebase works perfectly on different machines with different configurations. Once done - works everywhere.
Excellent support
The work of our support service can be adapted to your business workflow. This applies to individual rules of communication and development on demand.
What we're good at
Add CEA-608 and CEA-708 compliance to your product.
Fit broadcast standards with our SDK.
Add broadcast-quality green screen technology to empower your end users.
Video playback
Play all kinds of video files (synchronously, if you want) and network streams.
Video mixing
Arrange video streams in a multiview or picture-in-picture, or use transition effects.
Video ingest
Record live video input or network streams
(in sync and into several formats).
GPU codecs
Use all the power of Intel's Quick Sync, AMD AMF, and Nvidia's NVENC for H.264 and H.265.
Stream in low latency from app to browser, from browser to app and from app to app.
Overlay text and graphics for channel branding and screen layout design.
Supported broadcast hardware
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