Our first steps into SRT

SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) is a relatively new protocol designed in partnership by Haivision and Wowza with the aim to deliver high-quality video at low latency over noisy networks (such as the public Internet). The SRT Alliance mentions on its web site that it now has over 125 members and that more than 30 companies are now shipping SRT Ready products.

To Medialooks, a middleware company focused on software development kits for the video industry, staying current with emerging technology, is extremely important. Many of our customers have built products that implement a classic contribution scenario—delivering a stream to a media server or CDN. SRT, if implemented well, is a potential replacement for RTMP which is often deployed in this use case.

The focus of SRT as a technology is low latency and protection agains jitter, packet loss and bandwidth fluctuation—which basically means that better quality can be delivered via less bandwidth.

Stay tuned… and see you at IBC2018.

Andrey Okunev
CEO Medialooks
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