NDI® & SDI over the Internet

Make your video sources available on any computer
with an Internet connection throughout the world. Learn more...

video production
Build ad-hock production workflows on the spot—such as for distributed sports events.
video production
Save costs by moving less people around.
Video transport for contribution
Deliver your NDI or SDI output to a distribution facility over the Internet with less than a second delay in up to 50 Mbps.
Key features
This pair of small Windows apps allows you to access NDI® & SDI streams at remote locations and preview them remotely via an Internet browser.
Easy to install and use
No network configuration needed.
No servers required
No sign-up needed. No subscription fees.
P2P connection used.
Preview in the browser
Available on any PC or handheld device.
Broadcast quality
Up to 4K 60p video and up to 512 kbps audio.
Less than 500 ms delay
Suitable for live video production.
GPU encoding and decoding
H.264 encoding at up to 50 Mbit/s.
NVIDIA card required.
NDI® metadata and
SDI ANC packets support
Frame-accurate timecode and closed captions. Supports NDI 3.0.
Works with NDI® streams and SDI cards by Blackmagic Design
More SDI hardware coming soon!
End-to-end encryption
Your streams are encrypted by default to keep your data safe.
Ambitiously easy to use
  • Launch the "Publisher" app in network A.
  • The app will show a list of available NDI® and SDI streams.
  • Select the streams to publish and click "Start Publishing".
  • Make a note of the "Publisher ID".
  • Launch the "Receiver" application in network B.
  • Enter the "Publisher ID" and click "Connect".
  • The app will now list the feeds that had been published from network A.
  • Select the "Output type" and click "Start Output".
  • Enjoy!
It is amazingly plug and play.
— Fritz Golman, Museum of Broadcast Communications, Chicago
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