MPlatform SDK: release notes

Download MPlatform SDK - December 19, 2016

  • Added MPluginHTML for displaying webpages.
  • Fixed doubling CC during rate conversion from I to P.
  • Fixed releasing of frames when calling MFile::ObjectClose().
  • Added IMCallback interface for plugins.
  • Fixed rotate, crop, mirror conversions without scaling.
  • Improved 50i to 59i and other conversions.
  • Added internal buffering to objects implementing IMSource.
  • Fixed minor memory leak problems.

  • Fixed in/out pointы for mp:// links.
  • Fixed mp:// links wrong start time right after adding.
  • Fixed experimental.buffers property when working in loop mode.
  • Fixed audio only to video only transitions.
  • Fixed first audio frame problem (if out point is bigger than duration).
  • Fixed loading of playlists containing relative paths.
  • Fixed image sequences issue.

  • Fixed BMD audio output.
  • Fixed audio/video async issues on certain WEB cams with video.correct-fps=true propety.
  • Added audio only output for BMD Renderer.
  • Improved CC embedding algorithm.
  • Fixed BMD 608 to 708 closed captions conversion.
  • Fixed loosing of signal on some DirectShow devices.
  • Fixed closed captions disappearing in pause mode.
  • Fixed AJA implementation.
  • Fixed MJEG cameras in isolated mode.
  • Fixed BMD device reinitialization after choosing same device in second MLive.

  • Fixed reinitialization bug when specifying same line-in.
  • Fixed memory overflow after NDI reconnection.
  • Fixed sending and receiving audio only streams.

  • Added 608, 708 closed captions receiving.

  • Added 'bmd.h264' recoder property.
  • Fixed crash caused by LTC.
  • Improved external audio quality.

  • Fixed alpha mixing issue.

  • Fixed memory only mode.
  • Fixed insufficient memory handling.

  • Fixed 'audio_channels', 'audio_gain' properties.
  • Added 'audio_renderer' attribute info.
  • Fixed preview bug when no audio device is specified.
  • Fixed audio issue when more than 10 channels are being played.

  • Added TURN server support.
  • Added ability to get internal WebRTC object from MLive/MRenderer.

  • Fixed MXF duration calculation bug.
  • Fixed incorrect seeking on last frame.
  • Fixed wrong DXVA2 enabling.
  • Fixed freezing issue during reverse playback of files.
  • Fixed crash when decoding DV files.
  • Fixed Omneon DVCPRO50 playback.
  • Added SCTE-104 string messages.
  • Fixed first frames corruption issue in WMV files if 'duration.recalc_on_open' is enabled.
  • Fixed AVI seeking issue.
  • Fixed UDP/RTMP reconnection problems.
  • Fixed wrong playback rate on some files.
  • Fixed audio async problem when GOP is too big.
  • Fixed skiping of first packet during decoding.
  • Added support of saving/loading indexes for MXF files.
  • Fixed bottom-top ARGB files playback.
  • Fixed crash on RGB24 video decoding.
  • Fixed wrong codec reinitialization problem.

  • Fixed custom ANC data capturing bug.
  • Fixed DVCPRO50 capturing.
  • Fixed crash issue on encoding.
  • Fixed removing of .IDX files when encoding fails to start.
  • Fixed file creation bug if folder was specified incorrectly.
  • Fixed growing files playback feature for MP4.
  • Fixed audio capturing in paused state.
  • Fixed NVEnc GOP size.

  • Fixed freezing issues.

Character Generator:
  • Fixed scheduling bug (when there is no items).
  • Fixed top-video option.  beta - December 15, 2016

  • First version of the MFOverlayHTML plugin. - October 12, 2016

  • The NVIDIA codec SDK was updated.

Please update your NVIDIA drivers to the latest version (368.69 WHQL or later). MRuntime:
  • Fixed bug that could cause system hang in some situations.  beta - October 07, 2016


  • Fixed bug that could cause audio drops on a preview.

  • Fixed bug in ANC data writing logic.
  • Added new logic that improves the QuickSync encoding performance.

  • Bug that could cause a crash on CC displaying.

  • Added support of BMD MJPEG decoder for MJPEG encoded live sources.  beta - October 03, 2016

  • Added YVYU format support.
  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect virtual devices behavior in FFmpeg.
  • Added DTMF signals detection/generation
  • Fixed bug that caused freezes in playout process on plugging in the USB device.
  • Fixed bug that caused a bad preview for streams with negative ARGB height.
  • Added ability to split audio to tracks and channels by setting the split mask in "audio_channels" property:
  • The FFmpeg was updated to revision N-81786-g2586668 (28.09.2016).
  • Added new functionality that extracts the XDS V-Chip rating data and converts into CEA-608 closed captions. Now you can display the V-Chip rating just like a common CC.

  • Fixed bug that could cause incorrect playback of scheduled item if the previous one was removed.
  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect "remove" command behavior in dynamic mode.
  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect in/out points setting for play-while-recording items in a playlist.
  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect transitions parameters setting.

  • Fixed bug that caused long mp3 seeking.
  • Added new logic for images (for example JPG) playback. The playback quality was improved.
  • Fixed bug in DV deinterlacing logic for FFmpeg DV decoder.
  • Fixed bug in custom ANC packets reading logic.
  • Added "open_file.max_wait" property for MXF files that limits the file open time period.
  • Fixed bug in playback of MXF D10 files without audio.

  • Fixed bug in Ogg Vorbis and AAC encoding logic.
  • Fixed bug in Intel Quick Sync software mode initialization process.
  • Added new logic for embedding CEA-608 and CEA-708 closed captions into MPEG-2, MPEG-4 part 2 and H.264 elementary video streams for further capturing to files or streaming to network. Enable it using "embed_cc" property.
  • Added new logic that allows capturing the MFFrame data into ANC files.
  • Fixed bug in custom ANC packets writing logic.
  • Added new logic that improves the format conversion quality.

  • Added new logic that allows applying the text style for a part of the displayed closed captions line.

Character Generator:
  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect CG behavior on enabled overlay thread ("overlay.thread = true").
  • The default resolution was changed to 1920x1080.

  • Added "video.correct-fps" property. Enable it to correct the unstable video sources (like webcams).
  • Fixed bug in autodetect video format logic for AJA devices.
  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect picture appearance for MJPEG cameras.

  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect behavior of Deltacast 44 card.

  • Fixed bug in buffering logic.

  • Fixed bug in frame rate optimization logic.
  • Fixed Scan Converter.
  • Added statistics support for NDI objects.

  • Fixed bug that caused wrong items border width appearance.
  • Fixed bug in ARGB32 picture mixing logic.
  • Fixed bug that could cause bottom-top background images flipping.
  • Fixed bug in loading XML props logic.
  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect transitions parameters setting.

  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect WMP preview for ARGB32 images.
  • Added new logic that improves the audio quality.
  • Added statistics support for MPreview object.

WebRTC: - August 25, 2016


  • Fixed bug in remote writing control sample (the WebRTC plugin was added twice).  beta - August 25, 2016


  • Added frame rate correction logic that makes received stream more suitable for further processing.
  • Fixed bug that could cause audio problems in a pause state.
  • Fixed bug that caused problems during reconnection to current line if the connection was lost.

  • Added samples applications update.  beta - August 23, 2016


  • Fixed bug that could cause the output stop when background video was played till the end.
  • Fixed bug that could cause audio artifacts on a preview.

  • Fixed bug that caused a crash when the messages were sent to peer using its name.
  • Fixed bug that did not allow to make more than one connection to signaling server per application. - August 15, 2016


  • Fixed bug that could cause a crash on non-4K devices.

  • Fixed but in IMPersist save/load logic for WebRTC devices.  beta - August 12, 2016


  • Fixed some bugs related to the drivers update.  beta - August 10, 2016


  • Fixed bug that could cause a rare crash in some specific situations.

  • The drivers were updated to the latest version.  beta - August 09, 2016

  • The FFmpeg components were updated to revision build N-81118-gfb91850 (2016.07.27).

  • Added support of MCC files with non-zero start timecode.
  • Added network reconnection logic improvement.
  • Fixed bug in Intel Quick Sync hardware decoder usage logic.
  • Added beta version of dxva2 hardware decoding support.
  • Added "info::hw_acceleration" property to get the information about the hardware decoder usage.
  • Fixed bug for odd (e.g. 191 pixels width) RGB files playback.
  • Added MPEG-DASH TTML subtitles decoding.
  • Added ASS and MPEG-DASH TTML subtitles conversion to EIA-608 CC.

  • Fixed bug in internal keying logic.
  • Added support of negative out points for playlist items. For example, IMFile::FileInOutSet( 0.0, -5.0 ) will set the "out" point to file duration minus 5.0 seconds.

  • Fixed small bug that appeared on switching to mp:// links.
  • Fixed bug that could cause incorrect scaling quality usage on SD format scaling.

  • Fixed bug in CC output to device logic.
  • Fixed bug that could keep the device busy after close error.
  • Fixed bug that caused sound corruption for DecTek devices.
  • Fixed bug in format autodetection logic for Deltacast devices.
  • Added input line autodetection feature for Magewell devices. It can be enabled with "" property.
  • The StreamLabs drivers were updated.
  • Added CC support for Deltacast cards.

  • Removed dv50 and dvhd formats from supported formats list for x64 version as they are not supported by a standard.
  • Added "audio::offset_msec" property that can be used to shift audio track in the encoded file.

  • Added support of "wpf_preview.downscale" option that can be used to reduce the CPU usage of WPF preview.
  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect downscale after switching to Full-Screen mode.

  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect black level appearance after RGB to YCbCr BT. 709 color conversion.
  • Fixed bug in "rotate" property (MFile, MLive, MMixer, MPlaylist objects).

Character Generator:
  • Added "FileModified" and "TickerModified" events that allow tracking the source file and ticker content modification.

  • The values of "gpu_enabled" property were changed: 0 - auto (GPU with fallback to CPU in case of fail) - set by default; 1 - GPU (get exception instead of fallback to CPU in case of fail) 2 - CPU


  • C#, VB.Net, Delphi samples minor updates.
  • CG Editor for WinForms was redesigned. - July 13, 2016

  • Fixed bug that could cause some image quality issues during interlaced picture scaling.

  • Fixed bug that could cause some audio drops on file adding.
  • Fixed bug in 'audio' props set logic for input streams.
  • Added new logic for plugins processing. The performance was improved.
  • Fixed bug that could cause buffers overflow in synchronous mode.
  • Added audio statistics collecting logic.
  • Added new transitions processing logic. The transitions smoothness was improved.
  • Fixed bug that could cause some problems in background.direct_out mode.

  • Fixed some bugs in hardware QSDecoder usage logic.
  • Fixed bug that could cause wrong EOS event rising after file rewinding.

  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect format changing for 'No Video' stream.
  • Fixed bug that could cause crash in 'no signal' state for MJPEG cameras.

  • Fixed bug that could cause crash on DeckLink 4K Extreme 12G card usage.
  • Fixed bug that could cause crash on DeckLink QUAD 2 card usage.

Character Generator:
  • Fixed bug in in/out points setting logic.
  • Fixed bug that could cause some jumps in moving text after updating the item properties.
  • Fixed setting CG props for non-items

  • Fixed small bug in WMV/RTMP streaming logic.
  • Fixed bug in MP4 encoding logic that could cause problems on interlaced video encoding.
  • Fixed bug that could cause crash when 'play_while_rec' was enabled and 'external_process' disabled. - June 28, 2016


  • Fixed bug in loading transition settings logic.
  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect playlist behaviour on 'stop_in', 'stop_out', 'pause_in', 'pause_out' properties usage.  beta - June 27, 2016


  • Fixed bug that could cause problems on using external audio.

  • Added small improvements to WPF preview.

  • Fixed bug in MFClone() method - now it clones all frame data, not only video one.

  • Fixed bug that caused problems when device audio is disabled.  beta - June 23, 2016

  • Added new logic that improves the big XML loading performance.

  • Fixed bug in 'control_fps' property reading.

  • Fixed bug that could cause rare crashes at the end of files reading.  beta - June 23, 2016


  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect 50p to 50i conversion.

  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect frame rate setting for source devices.

  • Fixed bug that could cause stack overflow in some specific situations.

  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect QT RLE codec usage.  beta - June 22, 2016


  • Fixed minor bug in StreamLabs AlphaSDI HD card integration logic.
  • Fixed bug that blocked Closed Captions capturing on BMD Quad card.

  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect plugins usage.  beta - June 20, 2016


  • Fixed bug in audio only files playback logic.
  • Fixed bug that could cause crash on changing background to none.
  • Fixed bug in external objects deregistration logic when using mp:// links.
  • Fixed bug that caused preview blinking during transitions.

  • Fixed bug that could cause audio/video async in some types of files.
  • Added Closed Caption detection logic (check the "file::info::cc_type" property).
  • Fixed bug that could cause incorrect frame rate changing during playback.
  • Fixed bug that could cause incorrect mp:// links playback in loop mode.
  • Fixed alpha support in HQX files.

Character Generator:
  • Fixed bug in media overlaying logic for field 2 first video type.
  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect tickers background color displaying.

  • Fixed bug in H.264 Pro Recorder interaction logic.
  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect NTSC stream receiving some types of cards.
  • Fixed bug that could cause crash on Decklink Quad 2 cards.
  • Fixed bug that could cause old BMD devices stop.  beta - June 15, 2016

  • Added custom ANC data writing and reading functionality.
  • Added QuickSync H.264, MPEG-2 and VC-1 hardware-powered decoding support.
  • Added "sync mode" to MMixer object.
  • Added buffer append and playback functionality to MDelay:
  • Added Magewell SDI cards integration.
  • FFMpeg was updated to revision d645182 (May 2016).
  • Added new logic for interlaced to progressive video conversion (performance was improved).
  • Added picture scaling algorithm improvement (performance was improved).
  • Improved events implementation.
  • FFMpeg updated to revision d645182.
  • Added 2K DCI formats support.
  • Improved XML parsing logic.
  • Added Magewell devices support.

  • Fixed bug in the JPEG files playback logic.
  • Added new logic to the source rotating algorithm (performance was improved).
  • Fixed bug in playback of solid color images.
  • Fixed minor bug that could cause some problems in case of multiple items in playlist.
  • Fixed bug that could cause problems in case of pausing of live source items.
  • Fixed bug that could cause playlist items skipping.
  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect in/out timecode setting.

  • Added new logic that improves the audio only live source processing quality.
  • Fixed bug that caused problems with detection of 'no_signal' state.

  • Fixed issue that could cause preview freezing.
  • Fixed bug that caused 4K images collision in 3D formats.
  • Fixed bug that could cause a rare crash when several preview units are running.
  • Added "wpf_preview.update" property to enable\disable auto update in WPF preview.
  • Fixed bug that could cause a rare crash on closing preview on some types of hardware.
  • Fixed bug that caused black pixels appearance around the preview.

  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect behavior on seeking in mp:// protocol.
  • Fixed bug that caused some delay on calling ObjectClose() method.
  • Fixed bug in DV files decoding logic.
  • Added new LXF files playback logic. The decoding quality was improved.
  • Added new logic that improves WMA/WMV decoding quality.
  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect 4:2:2 files decoding.
  • Added new decoding logic for big MPEG 2 Video files.
  • Fixed bug that could cause incorrect playback of some types of MXF files.

  • Added a new option that allows to disable timecode in captured WMV files.
  • Added support of metadada tracks.
  • Fixed bug in scaling of DV files.
  • Fixed uncompressed video encoding bug.
  • Added MP3 files encoding logic improvement.
  • Added significant improvement for Quick Sync encoding logic.

  • Fixed bug that could cause incorrect reverse playback.
  • Fixed bug in playback rate and ANC data saving and loading.

Character Generator:
  • Added support for overlaying video files.
  • Fixed bug in items scheduling logic.
  • Fixed bug that could cause incorrect in/out points setting for media files.
  • Fixed bug in handling of v210 video.
  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect EndOfClip notification for items in layers.
  • Added image sequences displaying improvement.

  • Added video skipping logic to smooth the output in case of CPU overload.
  • Added significant buffering logic improvement.
  • Fixed bug in streams stoping/starting streams in sync mode. - April 11, 2016


  • Added new logic for frame timings processing to avoid possible timing issues.
  • Fixed bug that could cause audio buffer overflow.

  • The statistics of the input buffer moved to 'stat' node.

  • Fixed bug that could cause immediate buffers empty in case of live source inputs.  beta - April 11, 2016

  • Some minor fixes in sample applications.
  • Fixed bug that could cause incorrect events firing.  beta - April 05, 2016

  • Added GPU-powered chromakey.
  • Added NewTek NDI devices support.
  • Added DekTec SDI devices basic support (for capture and playout).
  • Added multithreading logic to DVCPRO encoder and JPEG-2000 decoder.

  • Added new MPreview mode for WPF that allows to remove Windows Forms Host and use native WPF D3DImage object instead:
  • Fixed bug that caused problems when PreviewFullScreen() method was called before ObjectStart() method call.
  • Added new logic that disables deinterlacing of paused frames.

  • Fixed bug that could appear on initializing of the first device in the device list.
  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect "no_signal.enabled" property detection.
  • Fixed bug that caused problems in OnFrame event handling.
  • Fixed bug that caused rare hangs on device closure in some very specific situations.

  • Fixed bug that caused duplication of the first frame in some types of files.
  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect calculation of duration in MPEG-DASH files.
  • Added new mode for "file::out_point.mode" property. If set to 'wait', the file will be played until the out point even if the file ends before the out point. The last frame will be played out until playback reaches the out point. This mode will be useful in situations when you need to build a playlist with an exact duration. To disable this mode, set this parameter to any other value, for example: "file::out_point.mode=switch".
  • Fixed bug that could cause playback problems when "active_frc" is enabled for MFile object.
  • Added "network.reconnect" option (enabled by default). Once enabled, it tracks the network state and tries to reconnect to the network source in case of network problems.
  • Added "read_file.max_wait", "read_url.max_wait" options to prevent stream freezing when the signal is lost.
  • Fixed bug that caused problems on FilePlayStop() method call in situations when the file was not started properly.
  • Added "mp3.fast_open" option. Once enabled, it prevents the hang during duration calculation when opening MP3 files.
  • Added "duration.recalc_on_open" property. Once enabled, if forces duration recalculation (instead of taking it from the splitter) on file open.
  • Fixed bug that could cause problems on in/out values change.
  • Added seeking logic improvement.

  • Fixed bug that could cause incorrect sub-playlist position calculation.
  • Fixed bug that could cause incorrect sub-playlist in/out points calculation.
  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect in/out points setting for network streams.
  • Fixed bug that caused problems on seeking in non-initialized files.
  • Fixed bug that caused setting of incorrect breaks positions during playlist reordering.

MMixer and MComposer:
  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect show or hide of custom items with "on_hide" and "on_show" props usage.
  • Added support of mask and fill chroma key mode.
  • Fixed bug in audio gain logic if IMAudio interface is disabled.
  • Fixed bug that could cause crash when using cropped images as sources.
  • Fixed bug that could cause application to freeze during initing or closing streams.
  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect display of items in sub-playlists.
  • Fixed bug in playback of background audio when "sync_mode" was enabled.

  • Added ability to set properties for second encoder.
  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect interlacing in DVCPRO HD encoding.
  • Added "No Video" and "No Audio" options for WMV streaming and file writing.
  • Fixed bug in dv5p encoding logic.

Character Generator:
  • Fixed bug in compositions hiding logic.
  • Fixed bug that could cause crash problem on object closing.
  • Added new CG processing logic when "overlay.thread" is enabled: performance has significantly improved.

  • Added WebRTC as option for MLive and MRenderer objects.
  • Added new audio rendering logic: quality was significantly improved.
  • Added ability to enumerate all peers on signaling server and connected peers.
  • Added Linux version of signaling server.

Stream Labs:
  • Updated Stream Labs drivers to version 3.3.1254.14.
  • Fixed writing bug on MS416 device with NTSC input format.
  • Fixed field order issue in NTSC format.

  • Updated Deltacast drivers to 5.19 version.

  • Fixed bug that caused sound corruption in case of 16-bit audio samples. - February 08, 2016

  • Moved "Medialooks.WebRTC.dll" from "Medialooks Common" folder to "...\MPlatform SDK\Bin" to ease the application of development licenses.

  • DVCPRO HD encoding algorithm was improved.

  • Fixed bug that could cause error on Surface LifeCam device initialization.  beta - February 05, 2016

  • Fixed bug that could cause audio stuttering on converting stream to 1080 50i format.

  • Fixed bug that could cause handle leak in MPreview object.

  • Fixed bug in multithreaded M-JPEG decoding algorithm.

  • Added "imaudio.enabled" registry setting that allows disabling the IMaudio interface to free some system resources.

  • Added AAC audio codecs for .FLV and MPEG-TS formats.
  • Improved scaling algorithm for DVHD capture format.
  • Added DVCPRO encoding algorithm optimisation. The performance has increased.

  • Fixed bug that caused resetting device output line on ObjectStart. - January 26, 2016

  • Fixed bug that could cause object crash on ObjectFrameGet method call.  beta - January 25, 2016

  • Added minor updates to VB.NET controls.
  • Fixed small bug in test page for WebRTC Writer Control sample.  beta - January 25, 2016

  • Added VB.NET advanced sample applications and controls library.

  • Added "imaudio.enabled" flag that allows to disable IMAudio interface processing (if you don't use it) and increase performance.

  • Fixed bug that caused problems on setting audio format for AJA devices.

  • Added WebRTC playlist remote preview and control sample.
  • Added WebRTC writer remote preview and control sample.
  • Added WebRTC application to application streaming sample (video only at this moment).  beta - January 22, 2016

  • Fixed bug that could cause exceptions when ObjectFrameGet() method is called right after startup.

  • Fixed bug that could cause handles leak.

  • Fixed bug in DV decoding logic.
  • Added line 21 closed captions conversion to 608 and 708 formats. After conversion captions can be displayed with MCCDisplay plugin or output to an external device.

  • Fixed issue that could appear on StreamsAdd() method call and did not allow to add items using XML description.
  • Fixed bug that caused application to freeze after adding live streams with no video and no audio.  beta - January 18, 2016

MFile, MPlaylist, MMixer:

  • Fixed bug that could cause freeze during file changing when "loop=true" attribute is set.

  • Fixed bug that could cause audio/video async problem when external audio device is used.  beta - January 15, 2016

MFile, MPlaylist, MMixer:

  • Fixed bug in reverse playback logic.
  • Fixed bug that could cause CC disappearing.

  • Fixed bug in Quick Sync encoding logic.

  • Fixed bug that could cause crash on MLive object properties setting.  beta - December 25, 2015

  • Fixed minor problem with new screen capture engine.  beta - December 25, 2015

  • Fixed bug in preview aspect ratio calculation logic.
  • Added "output.force_yuv" property that forces YUV color space on the preview.
  • Added new "eMCT_NOCURSOR" cursor type to hide a mouse cursor.
  • Added "audio_gain" property that allows setting audio gain for the preview.
  • Added support of IMAudio interface.

MMixer, MComposer:
  • Fixed bug that did not allow to add "View" element programmatically.
  • Fixed bug that caused audio distortion during transitions.
  • Fixed bug that caused color shifting during transitions.
  • Added new buffering logic to increase performance.
  • Fixed bug that appeared on input streams audio mixing.
  • Fixed bug in image sequences loading logic.
  • Fixed bug that caused problems on transitions from stream with "audio=false" to stream with "audio=true".

  • Added audio/video synchronisation logic for live sources.

  • Added new M-JPEG decoding logic that increases performance.
  • Fixed bug in reverse playback logic. The reverse playback smoothness has been improved.
  • Fixed bug in seeking logic for growing files (playback while recording).
  • Added network streams playback logic improvement to increase playback quality.
  • Fixed bug in MP4 video decoding logic.
  • Fixed bug that could cause a crash during MXF files playback.
  • Fixed bug that could cause audio gaps during file playback.
  • Added improvement in MXF files reverse playback logic.
  • Added MPEG-DASH streams playback support.
  • Fixed bug in high frame rate files playback (e.g. 240 FPS).
  • Added QuickTime M-JPEG files playback performance improvement.
  • Added support of reading custom data from *.ANC files.
  • Fixed bug in playback of files that contain both *.ANC and *.SCC data in separate files at the same time.
  • Added ability to enforce the closing of RTSP connection.
  • Added seeking logic improvement for MPEG-TS files. It avoids the problems on seeking at positions near the end of the file.
  • Added line 21 decoding.

  • Fixed DVCPRO HD encoding format support.
  • Added possibility to write custom data to *.ANC files.

Character Generator:
  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect image sequences playback.
  • Added "compositions.correctids". You can display separate compositions that contain items with the same IDs.
  • Fixed bug that caused multiple EndOfClip event rising on displaying item in "onetime-hide" loop mode.
  • Added support of GDI text rendering to improve text display quality.
  • Added "img::top-field" property for image sequences. You can specify it manually when the sequence interlace type is incorrect and does not match the stream interlace type. Possible values: "1" - for top field first, "0" - for bottom field first.

  • Fixed bug that could cause application freeze on removing a playlist item while playlist output is not connected to the receiver object.
  • Fixed bug in sub-playlists with breaks playback logic.
  • Fixed background colors issue.
  • Fixed bug in saving/loading logic of in/out timecodes.
  • Fixed bug that caused background loss after removing the last item from the playlist.

  • Fixed bug that caused problems when using external playlist as a source for MMixer object.
  • Fixed bug in 720p to 1080i format conversion logic.

  • Fixed bug in 720p to 1080i format conversion logic.

  • Fixed bug that could cause application to hang on device closing.
  • Added Bluefish444 cards support.
  • Added support of audio-only mode for external audio devices.
  • Added new "no_signal.thread" parameter to MLive object (enabled by default). With "no_signal.thread=true" MLive, upon loosing signal, will be sending "no signal" frames at the same rate as that of the original stream. This makes downstream objects (MMixer or MPlaylist) more stable.

  • Fixed loading audio/video props problem.
  • Added support of negative "timecode.offset" property value. You can use it to adjust the output timecode.
  • Fixed bug that could cause video jittering with enabled external audio.
  • Fixed high CPU load issue if is used as video and audio inputs.
  • Added new screen capture engine:
  • Added Bluefish444 cards support.
  • Added new "output.time_sync" parameter, that enables special logic to correct the playout time according to the original clock in case of frame drops on the Blackmagic renderer. See here for more information:
  • Added code that tracks and corrects the occasional gaps in Blackmagic'snative clock of Blackmagic cards. This results in a more stable output from Blackmagic devices. - September 07, 2015  beta - September 02, 2015

  • Fixed bug that could cause rare crash after start of playback.
  • Updated FFmpeg to version 2.5.8 (build 2015-07-31, Git revision 1bfb99).
  • Fixed bug that could cause problems on RTSP stream closure.
  • Added support for new 4K formats (50p, 59p, 60p).
  • Added support for older DeckLink drivers.

  • Fixed crash issue after adding stream in case of custom format usage.
  • Fixed crash in StreamBackgroundSet() method if custom output format is specified.

  • Added UDP streams playback improvement.

  • Added event that fires on format changing.
  • Fixed problem with Intensity 4K analog audio.
  • Fixed format auto-detection issue for new BMD modes and Intensity 4K 59i 60i auto-switching.
  • Fixed "No Signal" state detection for certain capture cards.

  • Fixed bug that could cause rare problems on commands and scheduled items usage.  beta - August 20, 2015


  • Added messages handling logic.
  • Added web page interaction logic improvement.
  • Fixed bug that caused playback to stop on a web page opened on Android devices. - May 28, 2015


  • Fixed CC from .ANC files playback issue.
  • Added support of 360 system MXF files playback.
  • Fixed audio/video sync for certain MPEG files playback.
  • Fixed audio/video sync for certain WMV files and fixed wrong WMV duration.
  • Added significant LXF seeking performance improvement.
  • Fixed LXF duration bug.
  • Added improvement in MXF parsing logic: MXF files without index are now parsed much faster.

Character Generator:
  • Fixed tickers with gapless-crawl displaying bug.
  • Added timecode support for more than 80:00:00:00 value.

  • Fixed video slowdown issue that could appear when files with and without audio were in the same playlist.
  • Added audio mixing quality improvement for NTSC videos.
  • Fixed bug that could cause async during seeking process.

  • Fixed audio timestamp information receiving issue.
  • Fixed bug in recording of files with "Default codec" setting.

  • Fixed incorrect item time bug that appeared after removing breaks from the item.
  • Fixed playlist loading bug that appeared when playlist with non-initialised live sources was loaded.
  • Fixed incorrect "duration" property bug.

  • Fixed bug that appeared on changing streams in paused state.

  • Fixed keyed video displaying issue.
  • Fixed bug that could cause hangs on object start/stop in some specific situations. - May 12, 2015

  • Fixed bug that could cause freeze on object closing when 'on_frame.sync' is enabled.

  • Fixed seeking bug for streams with specified "In" point.
  • Fixed interlaced to progressive video conversion issue.

  • Fixed recursive command execution bug that could cause application hang.

  • Added image sequences support for the case of decoding with MFormats.

  • Fixed bug in 'keying.borders' property logic that could cause incorrect borders calculation.

  • Reduced memory/handles usage when preview is disabled.  beta - May 05, 2015


  • Added support for MJPEG cameras.

  • Added 'skip' property for playlist items. You can use it to skip items in a playlist by setting pItem.PropsSet("skip", "true").  beta - May 04, 2015


  • Fixed bug that could cause memory leaks.  beta - April 30, 2015


  • Fixed bug that could cause crashes.  beta - April 30, 2015


  • Fixed bug that caused problems on stream changes in pause state.
  • Fixed frame drops issue when 'no video' is used.

  • Fixed incorrect 'size' property usage for NVENC.

  • Fixed *.mpl configuration files loading bug.

  • Added "keying.borders" property that allows to apply chroma keying to a specific area: m_pChromaKey.PropsSet("keying.borders", "10,15,20,25") - where 10px, 15px, 20px and 25px refer to left, top, right and bottom crop respectfully.  beta - April 24, 2015

  • Fixed bug that could cause problems on MWriter object start in specific circumstances.  beta - April 24, 2015


  • Fixed bug that caused problems on audio stream EOS receipt for some types of files (e.g. "wildlife.wmv").

  • Fixed incorrect output audio level issue.

  • Add 'maxrate', 'bufsize', 'initialdelay' props for Q264 encoding.  beta - April 22, 2015

Character Generator:

  • Added support of quotes in URLs.

  • Added deinterlacing functionality for paused streams.

  • Fixed background changing from Playlist to issue.

  • Fixed bug that could cause names duplication in device list.

  • Fixed save/load configuration bug.  beta - April 16, 2015

  • Fixed bug that could cause incorrect displaying of images.
  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect colours on HDYC to RGB conversion (and vice versa).
  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect duration detection of MP3 files.
  • Fixed bug that caused problems on transitions from file without audio to file with audio.
  • Fixed MDelay bug in live.preview mode when preview is disabled.

  • Fixed AV DV Type-1 files playback bug.
  • Fixed bug in frames receiving after EOS.
  • Added support of ProRes444 format with alpha channel.
  • Fixed average rate calculation issue for some types of files.
  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect playback of some types of MXF files.

  • Added new logic that pauses object on playback with zero rate.

Character Generator:
  • Fixed YUY2 1Ch mixing issue.

  • Fixed error on first device initialisation.

  • Added ARGB mixing performance improvement.
  • Fixed transitions issue between ARGB images.
  • Fixed issue with output audio channels format.

  • Added support of variable speed playback with FileRateSet() method.

  • Fixed interlaced video encoding problem for H.264 and MPEG-4 video codecs.

  • Fixed bug in QuickSync encoding logic.
  • Fixed bug with incorrect duration in case or absent frames appearance.  beta - February 25, 2015


  • Added 32 float to 32 int conversion to improve WAVEFORMAT displaying algorithm.

  • Fixed bug in external audio usage logic. - February 19, 2015


  • Fixed overlay problem.  beta - February 18, 2015


  • Fixed letter-box converted RGB video problem.
  • Fixed stopping issue when "pause_last" is enabled.

  • Added "ext_audio.insert_to_channels" flag.
  • Fixed issue with "ext_audio" that could cause a crash when no audio source existed.  beta - February 17, 2015


  • Fixed LTC audio issue that could appear when there were no audio input devices.

Character Generator:
  • Fixed "SetItemProperties()" method issue when argument contains '=' character.

Closed Captions:
  • Added support for "IMFProcess" interface.  beta - February 13, 2015

  • Fixed audio conversion issue for 32-bit float audio.
  • Fixed some issues with AJA support.
  • Added support for getting partially specified conversion props via "FrameConvertedGet()" method.
  • Added LTC support for live sources (from audio line-in).
  • Added external audio support.

  • Added new algorithm for handling "out of disk space" errors.

MFile, MPlaylist:
  • Fixed timecode issue.

  • Fixed wrong scaling block algorithms.

Character Generator:
  • Added "Image.IgnoreAR" property.

  • Fixed audio/video source usage issue.  beta - February 02, 2015

  • Updated to FFmpeg build 2015-01-11.

  • Added first version of AJA support.

  • Added external process support.

  • Fixed for ATSC to CEA708 CC conversion issue.
  • Added CC logging functionality.

  • Fixed issue with short audio track files.

  • Added support for "file::info::buffer_video", "file::info::kbps_avg", etc. props.

  • Added "file-close-info" event with extended information about closed file.

  • Fixed buffer overflow issue.  beta - December 03, 2014


  • Fixed issue with wrong positioning in GXF files.

  • Fixed memory leak in MItem object that could appear after adding breaks.
  • Fixed positioning logic after break (with one file in the list).
  • Fixed issue with audio drops during transcoding.
  • Fixed XML loading and parsing problem. - November 17, 2014

  • Fixed x64 mode (IPP issue). - November 14, 2014


  • Fixed -2.0 playback speed issue.

  • Fixed Direct3D/DirectSound.

  • Fixed loading playlist problem.  beta - November 10, 2014


  • Fixed breaks removing issue.

  • Fixed NVEnc encoding for NTSC.
  • Added AAC encoding improvement.

Character Generator:
  • Added x64 compatibility improvement.

  • Fixed progressive video displaying bug.

  • Fixed audio only files playback issue.

  • Added reverse playback logic improvement.  beta - November 05, 2014

  • Added Audio files playback quality improvement.
  • Fixed ARGB->RGB multithread conversion bug.
  • Added Isolated COM (Side-by-side manifest) support.

Character Generator:
  • Fixed ticker update issue.
  • Added text file encoding detection improvement.
  • Fixed *.srt files support.
  • Fixed unicode files read issue.

  • Added cc_offset_dword registry setting for compatibility with Osprey

  • Fixed video transitions problem.

  • Fixed audio volume bug (when volume is less than -100 dB).
  • Fixed last frame jitting with CG enabled.

  • Added NVEnc support.
  • Added XML config embedding into DLL (formats_and_codecs.xml file is now optional).  beta - October 09, 2014

  • Added video rotation feature.

Character Generator:
  • Added img::ignore_alpha property.

  • Fixed skiping video mixing in some conditions.  beta - October 02, 2014

  • Fixed genlock usage problem in DELTACAST.
  • Some small bugfixes.  beta - September 29, 2014

  • Fixed bug that caused Mfile object stop on BOF event.  beta - September 10, 2014


  • Fixed timecode bug when "change_type=next" is set.
  • Added YouTube ULR parser logic update.

  • Fixed MXF file duration detection problem. - August 27, 2014


  • Fixed licensing issue.  beta - August 26, 2014


  • Improved Q264 encoding speed.
  • Added 'interlace' setting for Q264 encoder.

  • Fixed bug that could force crash in some situations.  beta - August 22, 2014

  • Added separate frame factories for MPlatform and MFormats. Frame compatibility.
  • Added 'audio_channels', 'preview.audio_channels' parameters.  beta - August 21, 2014


  • Added Intel QuicSync h264 encoder support (Q264 library). - August 15, 2014

  • Fixed minor bugs with sample applications shortcuts.  beta - August 08, 2014


  • Fixed audio repeats after input signal is lost.  beta - August 08, 2014


  • Added 'background.direct_out' option that allows to use object as low latency production switcher.  beta - July 30, 2014


  • Fixed word-wrapped text alignment bug.
  • Fixed last line justification bug.
  • Added events support.
  • Fixed mp3 files playback bug.
  • Fixed live freezing in pause mode.
  • Fixed alpha transparency for 3DS objects.
  • Fixed textures brightness bug.
  • Fixed crash after stream removing.
  • Added brightness and contrast for alpha masks.

  • Fixed audio problem after pause and switch.  beta - July 24, 2014


  • Fixed audio issue during transitions.
  • Improved audio quality during transitions.

Stream Labs:
  • Fixed licensing issue.

  • Added 'Default.Font' property.  beta - July 23, 2014


  • Fixed AR calculation bug.

  • Added support of VBI data for 10 bits output.

  • Added alpha masks functionality to video elements.

Stream Labs:
  • Added new API support.

  • Added *.MCC subtitles support.

Virtual Source:
  • Added Closed Captions pin support.

  • Fixed device creation problem.

  • Added option for Direct Show fallback.
  • Fixed two bugs that appeared on adding 2 one-by-one commands.  beta - July 16, 2014

CG editor:

  • Fixed Windows 8 crash issue. - July 07, 2014

CG Editor:

  • Added ribbon control insteal of item properties control.
  • Added events for all controls.
  • Added items alignment.
  • Added ticker content items enumeration and possibility to modify exact lines.
  • Added interactivity improvement (multiselect, graouping, dragging etc).

Decoder Lib:
  • Added support of Medialooks DV Decoder instead of FFmpeg one.

  • Fixed problem that appeared on disabled audio.

  • Added registry setting for field order detection.
  • Added new logic that allows to control "brightness", "contrast", "hue", "saturation_u", "saturation_v", "sharpness" parameters for StreamLabs devices.  beta - June 25, 2014


  • Devices interaction logic minor update. - June 06, 2014


  • Fixed fields orders issue.

Character Generator:
  • Fixed Flash EOS event bug.
  • Fixed text alignment problem.
  • Fixed crash on W8 .Net 4.5.
  • Fixed special char conversion bug.
  • Fixed TGA sequences crash on x64 platforms.
  • Fixed ticker content XML description issue.

  • Fixed Some *.3ds problems(triangles for some textures).
  • Added opengl.3ds_scale option.
  • Fixed *.3ds object size and rotation issue.

  • Fixed HD timecode output issue.
  • Fixed 32bit audio output issue.
  • Fixed video conversion bug.

  • Added audio buffer overflow control.
  • Fixed format problem.  beta - May 29, 2014


  • Added *.3DS files support beta version.  beta - May 26, 2014


  • Fixed Blackmagic devices keying problem.  beta - May 23, 2014

  • Fixed no audio conversion problem (if video conversion not specified).

  • Fixed DVCPRO file capturing tag setting issue.
  • Fixed MOV file capturing tag setting issue.
  • Added support of *.anc files for C-708 Closed Captioning capture.

  • Added Support of *.anc files playback.
  • Fixed Licensing issue.

nversion not specified).MWriter:
  • Fixed AR/size conversion problem.  beta - May 06, 2014

  • Added improvement in objects interaction algorithm, that slightly increased the stability and performance.

  • Fixed breaks problem with progressive signal (50, 60p).

Character Generator:
  • Fixed GetItemsByRect() method for grouped items.
  • Fixed reordering for grouped items issue. - April 11, 2014

  • Fixed field scaling issue when pause is enabled.  beta - April 08, 2014

- [MFileFFM] Added support for *.SCC files for Closed Captions. Now we can playout CC stored in *.SCC files next to the media files.- [MRenderer] Added support of 608 CC to CEA 708 packing. - [MRenderer] Added support of breaks for CC 608 in CEA 708 packing.- [MRenderer] Fixed v9.8 Blackmagic drivers problem.- [MRenderer] Added bypass relay support.- [WMWriterL] Fixed 16x9 aspect ratio for SD formats issue.  beta - April 04, 2014

  • Fixed IMAudio mute/unmute issue.
  • Fixed HD/2K/4K scaling issue.

  • Added detection and processing of system time change.
  • Fixed pause_in for first playlist item issue.

  • Added File.wait_limit parameter to prevent jerking during file adding.
  • Fixed high CPU load issue.
  • Added new logic for images loading that allowed to increase loading performance.

  • Fixed name retrieving logic in OnFrame() event.

  • Added support of multiple devices without device sharing.

  • Fixed CUDA 720x486 capturing issue.

  • Fixed 4K devices support issue.
  • Fixed Blackmagic 10.0 drivers support issue. - March 17, 2014

  • Fixed audio compressing logic for 32-bit audio.

MRenderer, MLive
  • Added Blackmagic 4K devices support.

  • Fixed wrong frame rate detection issue.
  • Fixed MXF files playback issue.

  • Fixed transition to background issue.
  • Fixed bug that forces frame skip after pause.
  • Fixed static images timecode usage. Now you can use "playlist.override_timecode = true" mode for playlist containing images.

  • Updated: MSync feature. - March 13, 2014

  • [MChromaKey] Fixed bug in ASM x64 code that could cause some problems in x64 applications.
  • [CG] Fixed bug that could cause some problems in x64 applications under .NET 4.5.  beta - March 07, 2014

  • [CG] Fixed bug that could force the crash on x64 systems.
  • [MFileFFM] Added new YouTube parser logic for YouTube streams mappings update.
  • [MPreview] Fixed bug that could cause problems on simultaneous Direct3D preview initialization.
  • [MRenderer] Added BMD 9.x drivers legacy support.  beta - March 06, 2014

  • Added latest version of drivers for StreamLabs devices.
  • [MFile & MPlaylist]: Fixed audio quality bug that could appear after pause or rate conversion process.
  • [MRenderer] Added support of Blackmagic Design 10.0 SDK version.
  • [MComposer] Added video/image processing speed improvement.
  • [MMixer] Fixed pause issue for mp:// streams with 59.97 rate.

  • Fixed bug in processing logic for ARGB32 format.
  • Fixed MPEG timecode bug.

  • Fixed bug in tickers displaying that appeared on multiple ticker hiding/showing operations.
  • Fixed image mask bug that could force wrong colors to appear in RGB32 and RGB24 formats.
  • Fixed FCC change bug.  beta - February 21, 2014

  • [MWriter] Fixed some bugs that could cause audio problems in captured file. - February 20, 2014


  • Added digital signature for all our DLLs. It gains the trust level for antivirus applications and reduces possibility of false alarm that rarely used to appear due to our Themida protection.
  • Fixed ANC data copying problem during FrameClone() method call.

  • Added CUDA H.264 Support.
  • Fixed memory leak issue caused by audio compression.
  • Added Play-while-Rec feature logic improvement.
  • Fixed WM video format conversion issue.

Added video::top property that allows to set top field first interlace type for NTSC video.MDelay:
  • Added Dynamic buffer size changing logic. Now you can change buffer size on the fly without flushing it.

  • Added VANC copy/delay feature. From now on no VANC data loss during stream delay.

  • Fixed issue that occurred on Multiple SL devices usage.
  • Fixed audio device name bug.

Character Generator:
  • Added native x64 compatibility.

Chroma Key:
  • Added x64 native compatibility.
  • Added new easier way of key configuring.
  • Added new algorithm of auto key detection.
  • Added include/exclude points feature.
  • Fixed performance issues.

  • Fixed ASF seeking bug.  beta - February 03, 2014

  • Added first x64 build of MPlatform. - January 14, 2014

  • Fixed UTF16 to UTF8 conversion algorithm logic.

  • *Fixed freezing issue at device stopping.

  • Fixed bug that caused some delay to appear during RTMP stream playback.
  • Fixed audio processing logic on unstable RTMP streams.
  • Fixed audio/video synchronization logic for RTMP streams playback.

  • Fixed playlist background start up and looping logic.
  • Fixed bug that did not allow to set in/out points for subplaylist items.

  • *Fixed audio issue in pause state. - December 25, 2013

  • *Fixed Plyalist item 'start_time' parameter usage. From now on you can set the 'start_time' property for playlist object just like for MFile one. - December 11, 2013


  • Added wise bitrate selection for Windows Media Streaming.
  • Added switching to next file logic for Windows Media Streaming.  beta - December 10, 2013


  • Added logic improvement for playback of files from Bluray drive.
  • Fixed reverse playback issue.

  • Fixed Windows Media Streaming audio bitrate set issue.

  • Fixed bug in MJPEG encoding algorithm.  beta - December 09, 2013

  • Added output rate correction algorithm improvement.

  • Added additional buffering for better audio stability through mp:// protocol (start_offset.frames registry key).  beta - December 05, 2013

  • Added IProvideClassInfo support for main objects.
  • Fixed bug when pause flag loss on input frame drop.

  • Added Mformats support (beta).
  • Fixed bug in network streams playback algorithm.
  • Added Bitrate information to returned statistics.
  • Added Youtube video support.

Character Generator:
  • Fixed flash callback support bug.

  • Fixed conversion bug for cropped images.  beta - November 29, 2013

  • Fixed MFactory bug.  beta - November 28, 2013

  • Fixed frame flags values set bug (live, last, etc.).
  • Fixed rate control issue for paused objects.

  • Fixed pause issue for external sinks.

  • Added detection of plugging in of USB devices with auto-restoring of streams receiving.
  • Fixed bug that some cases could cause crash when there is no input signal on Live.

  • Added MJPEG decoding speed improvement.

  • Added IMPersist interface support for writer object. - November 22, 2013

  • Added statistics returning methods for MPreview, MLive, MRendere, MWriter objects.
  • Fixed bug in HDYC->RGB32 conversion algorithm,
  • Fixed rate control bug.

  • Fixed bug that could cause audio distortion in pause state Virtual sources and mp:// protocol.

  • Added new event on closing captured file.

  • Fixed bug of 'loop' command for subplaylists.
  • Added in/out points support for sublaylists.

  • Fixed File counter overflow bug.

  • Added possibility to use MPlatform timestamps instead of Blackmagic ones (bmd.hw_time registry key, by default false) to provide better sync between audio and video.  beta - November 19, 2013

MFile(MPlaylist, MMixer):

  • Added TGA images transparency support.
  • Fixed reverse playback bug for image items.

  • Fixed Character Generator items scheduling bug. - November 05, 2013

  • Added v210->UYVY conversion algorithm.
  • Added "output.audio_offset" property that allows to tune output audio and video offset.  beta - November 04, 2013

  • Fixed bug that could cause freeze after removing "mp://" items.
  • Fixed bug that could cause problems during "mp://" items seeking.  beta - November 01, 2013

  • Fixed ARGB32 colorspace for 'transparent' image.
  • Fixed ARGB mixing over YUY2 image bug.
  • Fixed bug that caused audio distortion during pause.

  • Fixed scaling-type issue.

  • Fixed underlying stream updating bug.

  • Added "output.av_thread=true" mode stability improvement.

  • Fixed MXF files playback issue.

  • Fixed bug in delaying NTSC video received from Blackmagic devices.  beta - October 31, 2013

  • Added audio processing support (audio compressor and dynamic amplification).

  • Added rendering stability improvement.

Character Generator:
  • Added dedicated thread for mixing.  beta - October 24, 2013

  • Fixed bug that could cause loss bug after seeking.

  • *Added new rendering algorithm that improves rendering performance.  beta - October 23, 2013

  • Added MTransport logic improvement that prevents deadlocks in callbaks.
  • Fixed MSink hangup issue.  beta - October 23, 2013


  • Added bypass relay support.
  • Fixed audio synchronization issue.
  • Added cropping and mirror support.

  • Fixed crash issue in pause state.
  • Fixed bug in Init()/Close() methods algorithms.

  • Added "mp://" protocol performance improvement.

  • Fixed memory leak issue when "interlace=field" parameter value.

  • Fixed bug in Aspect Ratio change logic.

  • Fixed network stream receiving issue.  beta - October 18, 2013

  • Added minor fixes in MControls library.  beta - October 15, 2013


  • *Fixed output.force_sync registry key usage for new rendering algorithm.  beta - October 14, 2013

  • Added YouTube video URLs extraction control to Playlist sample ("Add URL" button on Playlist control).
  • Added audio waveform overlay feature that allows to show current audio waveform and eases the problems detection.
  • Fixed Audio/Video sync issue in Active Converter.
  • Added cropping & mirror features to source objects.

  • Added new rate control algorithm.

  • Fixed device reinitialization issue after PersistLoad() metod call.

  • Fixed Playlist scheduling issue.
  • Fixed bug that caused position jumps during reverse playback.

  • Fixed black frames appearance bug during live/file changing.

  • Fixed GXF files playback issue.
  • Fixed reverse playback issue.  beta - October 06, 2013


  • Added ability of specifying format via 'format' property.
  • Added buffering option for files reading.

  • Added 'drop_frames' mixing algorithm improvement.  beta - October 01, 2013


  • Fixed bug in interlaced to progressive "one field" conversion algorithm.

  • Fixed P2 timecode bug.
  • Fixed rate setting during pause bug.  beta - October 01, 2013


  • Fixed major bug in capturing algorithm.  beta - September 30, 2013


  • Fixed FileFrameGet() method usage for still images.
  • Added "field" deinterlace setting support that sets deinterlace algorithm to "one field".
  • Fixed freeze bug that appeared after removing last file from the playlist with disabled background.
  • Fixed bug that caused overriding timecode values on file switching.
  • Fixed bug that caused loop flag ignorance when the last item in playlist is command.
  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect working of 'stop' command in sub-playlists.

  • Fixed "no-audio" option bug if audio format was not specified.

  • Fixed "back_side" property usage for frames and simple video planes.
  • Fixed incorrect inner shapes for rects.

  • *Fixed upside-down issue for some RGB files.

  • Fixed crash/memory overflow at Remote Desctop usage.
  • Aded buffer clean-up on preview stop.

  • Fixed streaming memory overflow on WMV files capture
  • Added new algorithm that increases the WMV capturing performance. - September 19, 2013


  • Fixed Audio stuttering issue.

  • Fixed schedule_waitstart flag issue. - September 10, 2013


  • Fixed audio volume control bug.

  • Fixed audio tracks info receiving issue after Init() method call.

  • Added new audio mixing algorithms that allowed to reduce number of skipped audio samples.

  • Added IMDeckControl interface support for MItem object.

Character Generator:
  • Added new Ticker.IgnoreBR registry property that allows to ignore "br" tag in RSS ticker and display RSS tickers correctly.  beta - September 09, 2013


  • Added support of index receiving by IMItem::ItemPosGet() method.
  • Fixed high CPU load for exact time scheduling issue.
  • Added img.tone property for tone generation.
  • Added new methods that allows to copy and paste playlist items, breaks, commands, etc.
  • Fixed pause state bug.
  • Fixed ObjectFrameGet() method bug.
  • Fixed empty subplaylists processing issue.

  • Added events for DeckControl support.
  • Added new StreamLabs analogue audio capturing algorithm that caused significant capture quality improvement.

  • Added mixing algorithm improvement that slightly increased performance.
  • Fixed skipping live samples bug.

  • Added possibility to specify the DirectShow video renderer.
  • Added possibility to specify the DirectSound audio renderer.
  • Fixed preview freeze and memory leak at Windows locking.
  • Added preview algorithm improvement.

  • Fixed MXF files playback issue.
  • Fixed XDCAM Sony MXF Proxy files playback issue.
  • Added min/max properties for network buffering.

  • Fixed memory leaks issue.

  • Fixed crash when source object wasn't initialized before object start.  beta - August 23, 2013


  • Fixed rolls unsmooth movement bug.
  • Fixed blocks default shape and color.
  • Added cell_distance, cell_dx etc. props for matrix and cloud.
  • Fixed rear_side start angle.
  • Added smooth color changing support.

  • Fixed instant scenes changing issue.

  • Added Schedule_waitstart props for MItem.
  • Fixed FileFrameGet() method issue.

  • Added IMItem::ItemPosGet() method that allows to get the position.

  • Fixed RTMP streams playback audio/video sync issue. - August 17, 2013


  • Fixed Timecode handling for reverse and slow playback (playlist.override_timecode=true).
  • Fixed wrong playlist position during variable speed playback.

  • Fixed background show up between scenes switching. - August 15, 2013


  • Fixed ML MXF Reader usage for P2 files.

  • Added support of option for audio & video.
  • Added reg key no_signal.send_for_audio_only that prevents "No video signal" sign to appear when audio only device is selected.
  • Fixed crash on no_signal.enabled=false.

  • Added temporary trial license.

  • Fixed RTMP (FMLE) capture stop bug. - August 09, 2013

  • Added audio preview quality improvement.

  • Fixed sample application bugs.
  • Fixed default scene items bugs.
  • Fixed complex items change logic.

  • Fixed bug that forced incorrect work of devices with "none" audio.

  • Fixed bug on instant scenes change.  beta - August 07, 2013


  • Fixed MComposer sample application bugs.
  • Fixed rolls and crawls bugs.

  • Fixed playlist duration update bug that could force playlist to display incorrect duration after live source duration update.  beta - August 07, 2013


  • Fixed bug that forced black frames to appear between scenes.
  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect first frame after showing hidden scene element.
  • Fixed ElementMultipleSet() method bug.
  • Fixed bug that caused exception after removing default attributes.
  • Added quality improvement.
  • Fixed shapes drawing bug.

  • *Fixed frame loosing during file switching bug.

  • Added cut_overlapped flag.  beta - July 29, 2013

  • Fixed switching between sinks bug.

Character Generator:
  • Fixed Image sequence frame-rate bug.

  • Added audio gain support.
  • Fixed sisplaying item for 1 frame longer after hide command
  • Fixed text ticker crash.
  • Fixed 'vary' parameter handling during scene changing.
  • Fixed XML updates for tickers, texts and other elements.
  • Fixed video support in tickers.
  • Added image/video stubs support.
  • Fixed complex items update (matrix, cloud, etc.).
  • Fixed rolls colors bug.

  • Fixed encrypted MXF files handling (via *.mlpx).
  • Added relative path support for *.MLPX.

  • Fixed child item size calculation bug.

  • Fixed frame accurate switching bug.

  • Fixed sync events in playlist bug.
  • Added duration check for live source items.
  • Fixed audio track split bits logic.
  • Added "reverse.init_next" registry key that enables or disable previous playlist items initialization during reverce playback.  beta - July 24, 2013


  • Added MComposer beta version. - July 18, 2013


  • Fixed bug that caused problem during enumerating and setting audio/video formats if device was previously selected.
  • Fixed Bad image for no signal case.

  • Fixed wrong duration of MOV file, if file duration differs from stream duration.
  • Fixed long URLs handling bug.

  • Fixed full-speed file recompression (buffer overflow) bug.

  • Fixed audio transitions after EOS bug. - July 17, 2013


  • Added possibility to cancel or change file scheduled by "change_type=next" property.
  • Fixed MXF files with VC-3 (DNxHD) playback bug.

  • Fixed empty playlist adding bug.

  • Fixed Live audio playback quality (when no video is used) bug.
  • Fixed switch to audio only device bug.

  • Added MPreview::ObjectFrameGet() method that allows to get the current frame from Preview object. - July 17, 2013


  • Fixed Rewind bug if the non-playable item is added.

  • Fixed Decklink Mini-Recorder and Mini-Monitor usage issues.
  • Fixed Blackmagic CC bug.
  • Added possibility to select input audio line (SDI or Analogue) for StreamLabs cards.

  • Added network.buffer parameter for MFile/MPlaylist/MMixer objects. It sets the buffering time and allows to overcome the notwork lags.
  • Fixed receiving streams with wrong Presentation Time Stamp (PTS) bug.
  • Fixed RTMP stream audio/video acync problem after network failure.
  • Fixed: UDP stream audio/video acync problem after network failure.

  • Fixed FrameOverlay() alpha mask calculation. - July 05, 2013


  • Fixed Decklink Studio internal keying problem.

  • Fixed dynamic source switching during capture process.

  • Fixed input formats selection for DS devices before Init() call.

  • Fixed video blocks disappearing if bottom edge moves below bottom bound.  beta - June 27, 2013


  • Fixed mirrored image cut-off bug.

  • Fixed MItems connection bug.
  • Added Preview.crop property that allows to display specific area on the preview.

  • Fixed MItems connection bug.  beta - June 20, 2013

  • Added ability to preview delayed or original stream when using delay feature.
  • Fixed memory leak with Delphi async events.

  • Fixed AR changing bug during transitions.
  • Fixed wrong background interlacing for bottom-top RGB formats.
  • Added sub-playlist items scheduling support.

  • Fixed rare crashes when several MLives are running.

  • Fixed AR in mov files bug.
  • Added selection and auto switching between FFmpeg and our own decoding engine.

  • Fixed RSS with images bug.
  • Added support of *.rss files.

  • Added MDelay support.

  • Fixed bug that did not allow to add virtual tracks before input initialization.  beta - June 11, 2013

  • Added full StreamLabs cards integration.
  • Added custom fade transitions support.

  • Added possibility to save separate scenes and elements XML.
  • Added screen mask (alpha mask applied to whole screen) support

  • Added MOV files with references playback.
  • Added RTMP, UDP, RTSP streaming support (beta).
  • Added MXF Closed Captioning (CDP).
  • Fixed Live sources without video playback bug.
  • Fixed MXF internal process playback bug.
  • Fixed AR changing during transitions bug.

  • Added registry settings that allows to specify image stab that will be displayed on signal loss.

  • Fixed seeking in Transport Stream files bug.  beta - June 04, 2013


  • Fixed Directshow devices formats count receiving bug.

  • Added Push architecture that significantly increases performance for capturing from external sinks.

  • Fixed mp:// protocol creation bug.
  • Added Push architecture that provides better stream quality. Also pause does not take effect on source object anymore.

  • Added SMP (multi-processor) optimization.

  • Added chromakeying performance improvements: conversion operations reduced, critical parts of code rewritten on ASM.
  • Added optimization for static images overlaying (no additional scaling performed anymore).
  • Added optimization for offscreen block parts drawing.
  • Fixed alpha mask bug.
  • Fixed jitter bug on items movement/scaling.

  • Fixed certain MXF files playback bug.  beta - May 29, 2013


  • Fixed bug that caused parameters loosing for looped file.
  • Fixed timecode In/Out setting bug for images files.

  • Added 'pause_changes' property that allows to pause the changes transition.

  • Fixed loosing of Direct3D device on UAC control.

  • Fixed MWriter pause bug.
  • Fixed MWriter DVHD 1080 in AVI files encoding bug.
  • Fixed DV50 encoding bug.

  • Fixed wrong ARGB mixing and poor image smoothness bugs.

Character Generator:
  • Fixed crash on blur or glow option enable.
  • Fixed item loss after motion blur option enable.  beta - May 27, 2013

  • Fixed Transport Stream files playback problems

Character Generator:
  • Fixed bug with arabic RSS feed usage.
  • Added option that allows to keep items in memory to avoid freeze on show/hide tickers with big amount of content.
  • Added option that allows to clone items.

  • Fixed transition bug on EOS event.
  • Added 'loop' property for playlist items.

  • Added separate thread for encoding.
  • Added frame accurate scheduled start.
  • Fixed file duration bug on auto-switchin of recorded files. Now files are recorded frame accurately.
  • *Added MPEG-2 timecode writing logic (beta).

  • *Fixed freezing of video stream below Transparent/CK video.
  • MLChromaKey:

Added multi-thread optimization. The chromakeying speed is up to 2x times faster now.MLive:
  • Added device_sharing param support for DeviceSet() call.
  • Fixed DirectShow devices line-in selection.
  • Fixed DirectShow devices A/V Sync and audio bugs.
  • Fixed rare crashes at application closing.

  • Added CC708, CC708(608) support for Blackmagic devices(for MOV708 & LXF HD files).
  • Added possibility to set the CC line for Blackmagic devices (cc_line_sdi).

  • Added option that allows to drop fields/frames (preview.drop_fields) on preview in case of performance shortage. - May 17, 2013

  • Added HD Closed Captions support for DELTACAST (608/708ANC) and Blackmagic (608ANC, 10 bit only) devices.
  • Added scheduling support through IMShedule interface for MLive, MRenderer, MWriter objects. For example it allows to start separate MWriter objects with frame accurate sync.
  • Added crop and mirror logic for Files and Live sources.
  • Fixed memory leak bug during ANC data copy process.

  • Added custom and predefined alpha masks support.

  • Fixed play-while-rec start bug.
  • Fixed bug that caused few frames loss on enabling play-while-rec.
  • Fixed auto-switch duration bug. Now the duration is frame accurate.

  • Fixed DELTACAST audio problem bug.

Character Generator:
  • Added video output rectangles support.  beta - May 08, 2013


  • Fixed bug that caused incorrect colors to be shown on UYVY horizontally mirrored images.  beta - May 07, 2013

  • Added significant improvements for Audio VU Meter that increases performance and accuracy.
  • Fixed bug that could cause rare freezes on ObjectClose() method call.
  • Fixed bug that caused preview to take influence on Blackmagic devices performance.

  • Added new MXF splitter.
  • Fixed LXF files playback bug.

  • Fixed playlist add bug.
  • Fixed preview on pause bug.  beta - April 29, 2013

  • Added new MFrame object that allows to operate (create, receive, overlay etc.) single frame easily.
  • Added ANC data access support via MFrame object.
  • Fixed for MTransport DS filter license bug.

  • Fixed Closed Captions support bug.
  • Fixed events synchronization bug.

  • Added Closed Captions support.

Character Generator:
  • Fix for gapless crawl bug.

  • Fixed NTSC HD to SD scaling bug.
  • Fixed MPEG files playback logic.
  • Fixed MXF seeking accuracy bug.  beta - April 26, 2013


  • Fixed bug that caused some problems on usage of Blackmagic devices in playlist.

  • Fixed RLE encoder usage bug.

  • Fixed bug on ARGB video streams mixing.

  • Fixed preview deinterlace bug.
  • Fixed bug that caused some problems on multiple monitors full-screen preview usage.  beta - April 22, 2013


  • *Fixed resolution auto-change bug for Blackmagic devices.  beta - April 19, 2013

  • Fixed Windows 8 compatibility bug.
  • Fixed Windows UAC interaction bug.

  • Fixed Progressive to Interlace conversion bug.
  • Fix Reverse playback bug.

  • Fixed bug with unicode characters in file path.
  • Fixed timecode bug in MOV files.

  • Fix Mixer background usage bug.  beta - April 10, 2013


  • Fixed for device removing bug.  beta - April 08, 2013

  • Added new pull frames architecture that improves objects interaction process and slightly increases performance.
  • Fixed save/load configuration bug.
  • Fixed Audio Gain bug.

  • Fixed SD to HD transition bug.
  • Fixed stream receiving bug for sources with non-constant rate (e.g. WEB cams).

  • Fixed bug in play-while-rec logic.
  • Fixed file duration bug for currently recorded files.
  • Fixed out point bug for currently recorded files. - March 28, 2013

  • Fixed mplatform:// virtual URL rendering bug.
  • Fixed the bug causing audio loss when using sink object as source for MWriter.
  • Fixed bug that prevented saving Character Generator commands in playlist. - March 22, 2013

  • Added interface that allows get access to internal objects.
  • Fixed negative (mirror) height & width support bug.  beta - March 18, 2013

  • Added Live Source Delay module. It allows to play back live source stream with any time delay required.
  • Added a new plugin that allows to adjust brightness, contrast etc.
  • Added a new sample application that demonstrates how to create a custom plugin.
  • Added the ability to receive current frame from any source object with ObjectFrameGet() method.
  • Fixed the bug with simultaneous seeking in two applications.
  • Fixed support for external DirectShow graphs via MLTransport Sink filter.
  • Fixed default sink name bug.
  • Fixed playback of audio files.
  • Added cover return by FileFrameGet() method for *.mp3 files.
  • Fixed the bug with seeking through MXF files.
  • Added system time as timecode support for Direct Show devices.
  • Added the ability to get access to DirectShow filter objects used internally in MPlatform.
  • Added negative (mirror) height & width support for MPreview object.
  • Fixed 3D scaling logic.
  • Fixed 3D video second file property name. Name changed from "external_video" to "right_eye_video".

  • Added playback-while-recording features (growing file playback).
  • Added DVCPRO HD format support.

  • Added "pause_in", "pause_out", "stop_in", "stop_out" properties that can be applied to any playlist item and trigger stop or pause on first or last frame.
  • Added "playlist.on_next" property that can take "stop", "pause_in", "pause_out" values. This property forces a playlist to stop or pause on the first or last frame after all items of playlist. - March 07, 2013

  • Added mplatform:// and mp:// protocols support. It allows to connect M-objects from separate applications between each other. It also allows multiple connects to single object.
  • Added IMPlugins support for MWriter and MRenderer objects.
  • Added images and images sequences playback support.
  • Added FFmpeg scaling and color conversion logic. It allows to playback 10 bits and some formats that were unsupported.
  • Fixed audio meter loss bug after playlist load.
  • Fixed track count bug.
  • Fixed virtual sources destroying on ObjectClose() call.
  • Fixed active frame rate conversion algorithm: less skipped frames for Live conversion, improved output stream stability, no over speed for Live conversion.
  • Fixed registry properties loading logic.
  • Fixed file properties update logic.
  • Fixed audio conversion bug.
  • Fixed audio tracks number return before playback start.
  • Fixed track gain set logic for uninitialized tracks.
  • Fixed object state update logic.
  • Fixed playlists with multiple tracks save to XML bug.
  • Fixed audio/video synchronization for stream received from Blackmagic devices.
  • Fixed FileFrameGet() method logic.
  • Added external_audio_offset property that allows to control time offset for audio taken from external files.

  • Added audio_gain property for manual gain correction.
  • Fixed memory leak bug.
  • Fixed playback of streams with broken alpha.
  • Fixed streams mixing algorithm: less skipped frames for live, better stability.

  • Added RTMP streaming and FLV file capturing support using Flash Media Live Encoder.
  • Added ASF streaming and file capturing support using Windows Media Services.
  • Fixed performance of writing and switching between written files.
  • Added multiple audio track capturing.
  • Added DVCPRO HD format support.
  • Added FFmpeg scaling and color conversion. It allows to write into 10 bits and some other formats that were unsupported.
  • Added timecodes support.
  • Added events support.
  • Added error handing for encoding and color conversion.
  • Fixed ARGB32 format writing logic.

  • Added registry keys that allows/denies virtual sources enumeration ("", "").

  • Fixed bug that forced stream jitter on Blackmagic devices output.

  • Added "preview.drop_frames" registry key and property. It allows to reduce the preview influence on main thread.
  • Fixer preview performance.  beta - February 18, 2013

  • Fixed events rising bug in MLive object.
  • Fixed RTSP streams playback bug.
  • Fixed URL parsing logic in MWriter object.
  • Added 'stream' attribute for direct stream specification in MWriter object.
  • Fixed BRGA colorpsace files playback.
  • Fixed ARGB images mixing bug in MMIxer object.
  • Fixed RTMP stream playback logic. Now it handles Wowza stream restart.
  • Fixed right channel losing bug in IMAudio interface.  beta - February 13, 2013

  • Added support of "stop", "pause", "start" states for each input stream and for whole MMixer object.
  • Fixed playlist seeking in pause state in MMixer object.
  • Fixed file changing bug in MMixer object.
  • Fixed pause chromakeyng bug in MRenderer object.
  • Fixed resources release logic on MMixer object closing.
  • Fixed playlist load bug in MPlaylist and MMixer objects.
  • Fixed keying on/off modes bug in MRenderer object.
  • Fixed FCC set bug with FormatVideoSet() method. - February 11, 2013

  • Fixed output to Blackmagic card problem on minimized application.
  • Fixed Formats-and-codecs.xml - February 08, 2013

  • Fixed bug that caused some problems on remove file from the playlist.
  • Fixed CG GIF animation bug. - February 07, 2013

  • Fixed breaks bug.
  • Filed playout bug. - February 06, 2013

  • Added RTMP capturing/streaming support.
  • Added ObjectFrameGet() method that allows grabbing frames from any source for all objects.
  • Added eMFFlags sucture that allows to detect frame type (I/P/B).
  • Fixed "pause_last" and "pause" commands bug. - February 06, 2013

  • Added ProRes 422 format to formats-n-codecs.xml - February 05, 2013

  • Added Apple ProRes 422 support.
  • Fixed bug with FPU precision that affected Direct 3D preview.
  • Fixed 'loop 0' command bug.
  • Fixed live source closing bug on remove from the playlist.
  • Fixed AttributesRemove() return code. - January 31, 2013

  • Fixed MPreview connection to source objects. - January 30, 2013

  • Improved preview performance. - January 30, 2013

  • Fixed framerate in fake video (when only audio is used).
  • Fixed format.
  • Fixed active conversion disabling for MPlaylist and MLive objects.
  • Added Complex transitions support.
  • Fixed problem with Audio preview in Live source.
  • Fixed Video preview disabling on WinStation changing (sleep mode, user lock etc).
  • Fixed license load through MLProxy for MLCharGen, MLChromakey and MWriter objects. - January 28, 2013

  • Added VB6 sample applications: LiveSource, InternalPlaylist, and NetworkPlayback.
  • Fixed file conversion issue. - January 23, 2013

  • Fixed timecodes calculation bug. - January 21, 2013

  • Added the ability to choose the display for preview output on multi-display PCs.
  • Fixed Direct3D preview bugs.  beta - January 17, 2013

  • Added borders to output rectangles in MMixer. - December 25, 2012

  • *Minor fixes in samples and controls - December 22, 2012

  • *Pause temporary removed from MMixer due to stability problems - December 19, 2012

  • Added registry key for switching between DirectShow and Direct3D preview.
  • Fixed MMixer ARGB mixing with RGB32 format.
  • Fixed Direct3D audio preview.
  • Fixed closed captions for *.mov files support. - December 16, 2012

  • Added Direct3D preview. Direct3D preview provides a better quality preview picture on the display monitor.
  • Fixed IMScenes interface. - December 11, 2012

  • Added MWriter object that adds file capture logic.
  • Added MPlaylist transitions support for elegant switching between files in a playlist.
  • Added MMixer transitions support for input streams.
  • Added new license activation logic. No more wasting time looking for a good place for *.lic files. Just add license initialization calls and forget all about it.
  • Added registry settings for scaling quality (scaling_quality).
  • Added AVC-I 50 (10 bit 4:2:0) playback support.
  • Fixed files with broken audio streams playback.
  • Fixed CG object for RGB bottom-top images support.
  • Fixed bug in SceneAddNew() method that caused random crashes.
  • Added MWriter XML configuration file.
  • Added P2 files playback.
  • Fixed PAL/NTSC 16x9 aspect ratio correction for Decklink for input and output streams.
  • Fixed Decklink component/composite loss after input signal change.
  • Fixed aspect ratio loss during conversion.
  • Added auto selection of scale mode for SD to HD (crop) and HD to SD (letter box) conversion.
  • Fixed bug with *.dv files playback.
  • Fixed bug with A/V sync in MPLatform.
  • Fixed blink bug on MixerStart() method.
  • Added pause support for MMixer.
  • Fixed audio auto mixing logic for MMixer.
  • Fixed freeze bug in MPlaylist during the change of breaks position.
  • Fixed statistics bug for MWriter. - December 02, 2012

  • Added new trial licenses.  beta - November 30, 2012

  • *Fixed: dll registration problem on Windows 8  beta - November 22, 2012

  • Fixed MAudioBuffer conversion bug.
  • Fixed XMLNode circular references bug that could cause memory leaks in MMixer.
  • Added ARGB input streams support to MMixer object.
  • Added MLChromaKey support to MMixer object.
  • Added IMPLugins support to MItem object.
  • Added the ability to specify format partially in IMFormat interface (e.g. colorspace only).  beta - November 21, 2012

  • Added MMixer basic documentation.  beta - November 19, 2012

  • Added MMixer object pre-beta.
  • Added MMixer sample application.
  • Added MMixer virtual scenes editor.
  • Added MMixer controls (ElementsTree, AttributesList)
  • Added full-screen support for previews.
  • Added FRC conversion algorithm (faster, low latency) - e.g. for 50i to 60p
  • Fixed ActiveConversion algorithm.
  • Fixed crossbar pin selection in MLive object.
  • Fixed Blackmagic devices interaction in MLive object. - November 05, 2012

''First public release.''

  • Fixed Character Generator object interaction issue.
  • Fixed handle count growth issue.  beta - November 03, 2012

  • Fixed interface mutual links in MAudioTrack implemenation.  beta - November 01, 2012

  • Fixed scheduling bug.  beta - November 01, 2012

  • Added new objects interaction logic: MItem::FilePlayStart() now forces the playlist to start this file.
  • Added new objects interaction logic: MItem::FilePosSet() now forces the playlist to switch to specified position in this file.
  • Added custom rates for individual playlist items.
  • Improved external process interaction.
  • Improved external auto recovery process logic.
  • Fixed freeze at stress tests.
  • Fixed bug in playlist (rewind file if previous is removed).
  • Fixed wrong track mode after exclusive mode set.
  • Fixed audio track count update if real track count is greater than specified via AudioTracksSetCount().  beta - October 29, 2012

  • Added MImageStore, MFrameStore classes to MControls.
  • Fixed bug with two decklink devices with the same names.
  • Fixed short files timeline bug.
  • Fixed timeline wrong times bug.
  • Fixed PlaylistGetByIndex() dblFileOffset return value bug.
  • Fixed rare crash/freeze on IMItemImpl::UpdateFileTime() call.
  • Fixed reverse playback for movies with positive first frame offset bug.
  • Fixed MSVideo1 playback bug.
  • Fixed MPlaylistTimeine control bug of MControls.
  • Fixed MPlaylistStatus control bug of MControls.  beta - October 26, 2012

  • Added network streams playback improvement.
  • Fixed crash on closing MRenderer in case of no device found.  beta - October 25, 2012

  • Added timecode support.
  • Added seeking by timecode.
  • Added timecode input from Blackmagic devices (VANC, RP188), timecode output to Blackmagic devices (VANC - SD, RP188 VANC - HD).
  • Added multitrack audio files support, external audio files support.
  • Added realtime audio track changing, audio mixing, VU meters, audio levels.
  • Added ability to use live sources and sub-playlists as playlist items or as playlist background.
  • Added playlist-through seeking (seeking through all items in the current playlist, including sub-playlist items, live sources and breaks).
  • Added "commands" support for playlist and breaks items.
  • Added breaks support for all types of playlist items (files, lives sources, sub-playlists).
  • Added scheduling support for playlist items (via IMItem::ItemStartTimeSet() ) and for "commands" (via IMSchedule interface).
  • Added Character Generator integration (similar to BAP) and support for old playlist format.
  • Added "Active conversion mode" that allows to keep CG items moving smoothly even during playlist seeking, live device switching, etc.
  • Added MControls library with basic controls for playlists, breaks, audio, devices, etc.
  • Added creation of virtual devices.  beta - September 07, 2012

''First beta version.''

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