MWriter: advanced file writer and streaming component

Highly efficient file writer with "play while write".

MWriter is the component that handles all kinds of file writing and network streaming tasks. MWriter is available with MPlatform SDK in Encoder lib.

Download MPlatform SDK


Requires Encoder lib.

  • Support of any incoming stream format.
  • Use of external MPlatform object as a source (e.g MPlaylist, MFile, etc.).
  • Detailed configuration for every codec and format.
  • CC capturing to file (Closed Captions Lib required).
  • Multiple codecs and containers.
  • Writing into file in segments of a certain duration.
  • Advanced preview settings (includes deinterlacing, audio levels, AR).
  • Capture statistics monitoring (MWriter's stats).
  • "Play while write" support with an option of a file playback in case of system failure.
  • Seamless (gapless) file switching (time-based or command-based).

Use cases

  • Applications for live production environment for capturing a source into the file or streaming it to the network.
  • Surveillance and live sports applications.

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