MPlaylist: a smart, configurable playlist manager

Flexible, multi-level playlists with breaks and scheduling.

MPlaylist is at the heart of MPlatform's playout automation use case. The Playlist sample provides a quick overview of MPlatform's main features important for this use case.

MLive and MFile objects are elements of the playlist. All these items can be added/removed on the fly, as well as configured, etc.

Use cases

  • Applications for TV stations in a live production environment with advanced playlist and breaklist management.
  • Music channel applications with automated playlist information references (artist, song titles, etc.).
  • Applications for conversion of multiple formats from various sources into a specific format.

Key features

  • Live feeds and network streams as input sources.
  • On-the-fly configuration (add, remove, reorder).
  • Changing of the item properties (including items that are currently played).
  • Sub-playlists support (another instance of the MPlaylist object) - can be set as elements of a playlist or as breaks.
  • Transitions support (for both files and live sources).
  • Background support and configuration.
  • 24/7 playlist items scheduling in real time.
  • Breaks support  (MFile, MLive or MPlaylist can be inserted into the playlist item).
  • CG integration (shows what file will be played next). Can employ user-defined properties of the file and information from a playlist (e.g. song title, album release date and an artist's name in a music video playlist).
  • All of the input sources (any format) can be converted into a specific for a playlist format.
  • Advanced preview settings (deinterlacing, audio monitoring, aspect ratio adjustment).
  • Audio level metering.
  • Virtual Source support (enables the output to be available as DirectShow source filter if this stream is to be used with third-party applications such as the Flash Media Live Encoder).
  • Command control of MPlatform objects from within the playlist with Add Command.