MMixer: easy-to-use video mixing component

Multi-format vision mixer for streams and files.

MMixer is a part of Medialooks MPlatform with easy to configure video and audio mixing capabilities.

MMixer is in the heart of the production switcher use case.

Use cases

Varitey of applications for video mixing with additional elements (e.g. channel logos, etc.) in:

  • live sports and self-broadcasting;
  • video-display processing; 
  • surveillance systems;
  • video conferencing;
  • interviewing systems.


  • Change streams with transitions.
  • Mix streams from MFile, MLive and MPlaylist (all features supported). Any of these can also be used as a background.
  • Create video scenes from several video streams (e.g. picture in picture).
  • Flexible scene configuration (element's size, position, transparency, etc.)
  • Audio mixing support.
  • Smooth on-the-fly scene configuration.
  • Save video mixing configurations into "scenes" and seamlessly switch between them. 
  • Mix streams with alpha channel or custom alpha mask for each output block.
  • Custom alpha mask for the whole scene.
  • Load scene configuration from an external XML file.
  • Support for mouse-based configuration (GUI for configuration).