MLive: seamless ingest from professional video capture boards

Low-latency capture integration with Blackmagic Design, Stream Labs and Deltacast.

MLive is the key to integrating your application with professional I/O hardware. Currently we support the following hardware by directly integrating via the vendor's native SDKs:

We also support a variety of other vendors via DirectShow.

Use cases

    Applications for TV stations in a live production environment with extended live source input management.


  • Minimized latency (1-3 frames).
  • On-the-fly device switching and configuration (select input & format).
  • Auto format conversion (if a specific output format is selected it will remain when the device is changed).
  • Capture device sharing (can use one device in several capture apps).
  • Automatic re-initialization of reconnected input lines.
  • Timecode and VANC support (capturing).
  • Low-latency integration with Blackmagic Design, Stream Labs and Deltacast.
  • Generic video capture sources support (via DirectShow).
  • Cropping and flip.
  • High-quality preview with deinterlacing, audio monitoring, aspect ratio adjustment.
  • Genlock support for Blackmagic Design, Stream Labs and Deltacast.
  • Virtual Source support (enables the output to be available as DirectShow source filter if this stream is to be used with third-party applications).