MFile: the high-level playback component for files & streams

Seamless file switching, reverse and variable speed playback.

Use cases

  • This component is designed for applications that work with a single file or a network stream.

For playlists, please see MPlaylist.

Decoder lib is required to enable playback of multiple file containers and codecs.


  • Seamless file switching: start playback of a new file without any delay.
  • Reverse playback.
  • Variable speed playback.
  • Decoding in separate process: makes sure your app's performance is not affected by a corrupt file.
  • On the fly configuration: aspect ratio, interlacing, audio/video format, audio track.
  • Trimming (define in/out points).
  • Play while recording: files that are being written to (Encoder lib).
  • Playback of image sequences.
  • Playback loop.
  • Timecode support and playback control by the timecode.
  • Closed captions support.
  • Cropping and flip.
  • Expanded audio control properties (e.g. separate audio channels into audio tracks).
  • Audio in a waveform.
  • Accurate seeking and positioning within a single file.
  • Support of IMPlugins interface that allows to insert CG object or third-party filters as plug-ins.