Encoder lib: real-time encoding to H.264, HEVC, DV, DNxHD, ProRes and more

A powerful selection of codecs for every task.

Encoder lib is an FFmpeg-based add-on for MPlatform that makes the following possible:

  • encoding to DV, MPEG-2, H.264* and other formats
  • compressing to .MXF, .MOV, .MP4 and other file formats
  • streaming out via HTTP, RTMP, RTSP, and UDP network protocols

The full list of supported formats and containers is posted below.

Multiple formats - one package

  • As with Decoder Lib, all supported formats are packed into a single component, which can be interfaced via MPlatform's simple set of programming methods.
  • No third-party encoders or muxers will be required in the majority of use cases.
  • No interference from other codecs installed on the system.

Ready for live broadcast

  • Designed for 24/7 crash-free performance: the encoding process is independent of the main application.
  • Stability is tested via extreme automated testing procedures.

Advanced file writing features

  • Seamless switching between files when recording (based on time or event).
  • Playback-while-recording or growing files playback (requires Decoder Lib). Playback will work even if recording was stopped for a technical reason (i.e. power failure).
  • Support for writing files with multiple audio tracks (i.e. multi-language MXF or GXF).
  • Timecode writing to MOV, MXF, and GXF files.

Simple licensing

Single Developer or Team (request price). No restrictions on applications, deployment or redistribution. Please see our License Agreement for details.

(*) Additional licensing fees may apply for H.264 encoding. Please, click here  for more information.