Medal is an app for gamers that lets them save and upload clips of gameplay right while playing. "As a business our focus is essentially to be what Instagram is to capturing real life," said Pim de Witte, founder and CEO. "We believe that the next generation will capture digital moments as much if not more than real moments—so we're building a platform to enable that."
The company's desktop application—they key component in the clip creation experience—is written on top of a Medialooks video SDK.
Delivering a bullet-proof solution was a particular challenge to both Medialooks and Medal since games use a variety of computers and push the limits of their hardware. "We try to support the slowest gaming computers that we could," said Zaid Elnasser, co-founder and engineer. "We wanted no impact on the user's game so that's how we defined it. If they can play a game without noticing that Medal was running then that was a win for us."