MComposer: GPU-powered character generator

The most powerful GPU-accelerated 3D video graphics and text rendering engine.

MComposer delivers professional on-air graphics for newsrooms, sports, digital signage and everything in between. MComposer provides enough freedom to fulfill the most exotic graphics requirements of today’s broadcasters, both in SD and HD.

MComposer is provided with the download for MPlatform SDK.

Download MPlatform SDK

MComposer delivers these two core values:

  • Smooth, crystal clear text and fancy broadcast quality graphics with all kinds of 3D animation effects and camera movements.
  • Fast, GPU-powered vision mixing with true 3D projection for video. This will also improve CPU-based chroma key performance in complex scenes as all the mixing will be handled by the GPU and the chroma keying code will have all of the CPU available.

3D animations & camera movements. In real-time

Use 3D animation for images, tickers, videos and even the camera. Configurable speed, curve and transition effects. Preview and playout in real-time.

A neat and tidy XML configuration format

The most complex scenes in MComposer are described with XML code that is amazingly short and simple. You won’t need an expert to get the work done.


MComposer is implemented on top of OpenGL, so you can run your graphics on the latest-generation GPU chips by ATI, NVIDIA or Intel.

Stunning animated scenes

Light up the screen with animated 3D compositions: choose from our pre-configured scenes or make your own. With just a few lines of code.

Crystal clear smoothness. Broadcast quality

With our sub-pixel movement approach, your crawls, rolls, tickers and animations are flawless. Just as they should be.