Inuktun, now part of Eddyfi Technologies, designs and builds robotic crawler and inspection camera systems for hazardous areas, confined and underwater spaces. "Inuktun's mission is to create technology that enables people to perform tasks that they could not otherwise do, in places they could not otherwise go," said Craig Senych, General Manager at Eddyfi Technologies - Inuktun.
Years into developing their system control and data reporting software, they chose to move their video pipeline to a Medialooks video SDK. "The performance of capture, recording and display were greatly improved over our previous solution," added Cody Gessner, Software Engineer. "The most promising was the display performance by taking advantage to DirectX to accelerate the color space conversion to make the WPF rendering considerably more efficient than our previous solution."

They company also found out that our implementation of the Quick Sync H.264 codec provided optimal quality, performance and file size.

More use cases relating to visual inspection, video acquisition and analysis: