Important info on the update of Medialooks Video Transport

The first version of Video Transport was released more than a year ago. Since then, our focus has been on talking to as many users as possible and learning as much as we can about the real-life use cases and business requirements.

As the product matured and as we gained more understanding of our users, we started to shift our focus to building a professional, commercial solution. The next step in this process is changes we will be making to the free options in the product.

Older VT versions: 288 and earlier

Starting March 1st, we will discontinue support for the old, original Video Transport version (288 and earlier).

We are sincerely grateful to all the streamers and companies who participated in testing the early versions of VT—please email us about your business and use case (how you use Video Transport) and we will make a special offer to you.

Free version: post-288 versions

Also, starting March 1st, the free version will remain available for use in tests, but all channels will be with a logo overlay. If you need a trial version for a short period of time for a customer demo—email us and we will provide you with an evaluation license.

If you'd been using the free single-channel version in production, email us your use case description, and we will also suggest a special offer to you.

Control PTZ cameras while being miles away

In the latest release of Video Transport we've added support for PTZ camera control. Our friends from Finland have helped us with testing, and we have uploaded a video with the results—take a look in our new blog post.

Daniel Pleshkov
Video Transport Product Manager
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