Flash Overlay

Scalable vector graphics with built-in alpha channel.

Our Flash Overlay technology is available as a plugin for MPlatform SDK or with the Flash edition of our Character Generator toolkit.

Download Character Generator

Use cases

  • Animated logo overlays.
  • Dynamic content overlays (such as chat messages, weather or stock info feeded from an external source).

Benefits of Flash for on-screen graphics

  • Vector-based Flash animation can be scaled to any resolution (up to 1080) without any degradation of quality.
  • Internal alpha-channel support allows for quality transparency effects.
  • There are a lot of people (including freelancers) who are familiar with Flash and can create graphics for you.


  • Unlimited number of Flash items to overlay.
  • Support for native Flash alpha channel.
  • Interlacing support of Flash items (for smooth animation on interlaced video - e.g. for PAL, NTSC, 1080i broadcasting).
  • Ability to change size, transparency, background color (with transparency) for each overlayed item.
  • Smooth position, size, transparency changes.
  • Fade in, fade out effects.
  • Play/pause, various playing modes (loop, play once, play once and hide).Flash "go to frame"/"go to label" commands support.