Synchronized multi-channel video capture and encoding


Monitor and control recordings of all channels on one screen

Professional multi-camera podcast production

Single-camera videos tend to get boring, don’t they?

Multi-camera recording of conferences

People demand professionally produced videos about the events they’ve been to (or haven’t).

A powerful multiviewer

Monitor & control recording of all channels on one screen. Enjoy the show while Direct Take is doing all the work.
Synchronized multi-channel video capture and encoding to DNxHD, ProRes, H.264 and H.265.

Windows 10, Windows Server 2016 (Windows 7 is not supported)

CPU: Intel i7-6900K or above

NVIDIA GTX960 or Quadro M2000

Recommended System Requirements

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Direct Take 3.0 Beta
We started Direct Take back in 2015 as a toy project aiming to put ourselves into the shoes of our Video SDK clients and see how good we were. The product eventually gained traction due to its capability to encode so many video formats and interface with a variety of input devices.

This spring we will release a brand new version – designed from scratch to do just one thing, but very, very well: multi-channel capture and recording of video feeds.