The Closed Captions lib

Enable closed captioning and Dynamic Ads-Insertion support in your broadcast playout solution
The Closed Captions
Closed captioning (or CC) is the process of displaying text on a video screen or any visual display to provide the viewers with a transcription of all significant audio content, such as dialogue and sound effects. Captions are synchronized with the video image to ensure full understanding. In contrast to open captions, closed captions can be turned on/off by the viewer.

Closed captioning is obligatory for the majority of programming on broadcast TV in the United States, Canada and China, as well as in most Latin American countries.
Supported closed captions standards
CEA-608 (NTSC)
CEA-708 (digital television)
Supported hardware
It is also possible to play out files with CC to supported hardware via composite or SDI connection; it is also possible to capture CC data.
HD: 608, 708 (608)
Blackmagic Design (output)
Blackmagic Design (input)
AJA (output)
Line 21
AJA (input)
Line 21
DELTACAST (output)
SCTE-35 and SCTE-104 triggers
OTT content often contains hard-coded advertisements in the stream, that become outdated after a while and need to be replaced.
The use of SCTE-35 triggers with MPlatform and MFormats SDKs makes the issue easy-to-perform. Use metadata from SCTE-35 markers to add Dynamic Ads-Insertion.

Monetize your content with SCTE-35 plugin for Medialooks SDKs.

SCTE-104 triggers are used for the same purposes, but for SDI signals. For the moment, the SCTE-104 triggers are supported for detection only.
For details about the process — check our FAQ.
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Closed captions and SCTE-35 triggers can be added both to
MPlatform and MFormats SDKs