Chroma Key

Our state-of-the-art chroma keying toolkit and SDK plugin.

Our chroma keying technology is available as either a plugin for MPlatform SDK, MFormats SDK or as a standalone Chroma Key toolkit (which also includes a DirectShow filter).

The Chroma Key toolkit can be used together with C#, VB.NET, Delphi and C++.

Download Chroma Key toolkit

If you are into DirectShow, we also recommend the Video Mixer DirectShow filter.


We use several two-layered ellipsoids floating in the RGB, YUV or HLS colorspace cube to isolate color regions to be removed (made transparent) in the image. Transparency between the two ellipsoids changes in a linear way from fully transparent to non-transparent. This is required for proper processing of objects like glass, glass reflections, shadows, sheets of water and other transparent and semi-transparent objects.

We claim that our technology offers the best quality among PC-based solutions capable of performing in real-time.


  • Advanced anti-spill correction algorithm: for quality color processing on image edges.
  • Several color ranges to process complex backgrounds.3D keying algorithm based on a 2-layered elipsoid for precise transparent area selection.
  • Semi-transparent areas implemented via transparency gradient.
  • Smooth borders.
  • Separate handling of fields (for interlaced video support).
  • Advanced spill suppression (color cancellation) algorithm.
  • Multiple color keys with separate color, transparency and spill suppression parameters.
  • Support for RGB, YUV and HLS color spaces.

DirectShow filter features & specs

  • Separate pin for mask output (to enable external keying).
  • Separate pin for preview (video keyed over selectable background) to simplify tuning.
  • Property page with controls to configure chroma key settings by interacting with a video frame from the source video.


    YUV or RGB image or video.


  • ARGB image or video.
  • Keying mask (black&white).
  • Preview (video keyed over selectable background).

What is chroma keying?

Chroma keying is a technology used in motion picture, television and photographic applications to remove solid-colored backgrounds (usually green or blue) and replace them with transparency to enable background replacement. This technology is sometimes referred to as color keyingcolour-separation overlaygreenscreen or bluescreen.


We offer Single Developer and Team licenses for this product (see our Licensing FAQ for more information):