Broadcast-quality Character Generator

Our industry-tested broadcast-quality character generator.

Medialooks Character Generator (CG) is a powerful engine for static or animated overlay of text and graphics over a video stream. This product targets multimedia application developers and broadcast professionals.

Now, it is possible to use video files as overlay items!

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This technology is available in three options:

  • As a built-in feature of MPlatform, our specialized SDK for broadcast software developers. Now, with a visual CG editor!
  • As an add-on for MFormats SDK.
  • Separately, as a DirectShow filter (for DirectShow developers).

Use cases

  • Use as MPlatform plugin that can be added to any object in order to overlay the output stream with text or graphics.
  • Develop your own use case by directly programming the CG COM object from your application.
  • Add to DirectShow Graph in order to overlay the stream with text or graphics.

Key features

  • Generic interface for text, graphics, image and Flash overlay items. (Flash Overlay plugin required to work with Flash items.) [Generic set of methods to control all item types]
  • XML-based configuration.
  • Built-in support for news tickers (including crawls and rolls) with automatic file tracking.
  • Automatic file tracking for ticker content.
  • Support for item groups & compositions.
  • Compositions support for easier overlay design management, smooth transitions between compositions.
  • Smooth change of item size, position, transparency, background or view area.
  • Item movement, acceleration, fade in/fade out and entrance/exit effects, configurable animation sequences.
  • Unlimited number of text, image or graphics items to overlay.
  • Smooth item edges for better display on low-resolution devices.
  • Scaling or cropping of input video to squeeze into an overlay scene.
  • Events and callback support (on each frame, on the end of a clip, on the end of a transition, on Flash callback).
  • Special text items for time & date, time code, and frame number overlays.
  • Change item properties (text, font, size, color, etc.) during playback.
  • Scaling without quality loss (for all available item types except for raster images).
  • Several scaling modes with automatic adjustment to the input video's aspect ratio.
  • Textures support for text or graphics fill, outline, and background.
  • Item references to save resources and simplify management/control.
  • Interlaced video support (for smooth transitions, movements, etc.).
  • Overlay custom dynamic images (such as 3D animations).
  • Grouping of items for complex overlay designs.
  • Z-order setting for the video stream.
  • Acceleration during a change of item position.
  • Smooth fade-in/fade out of moving items (such as crawls and rolls) via custom view-area masks.
  • Various effects: Blur, Glow, Motion Blur, etc.
  • Various animated effects on item movement and entrance/exit.

Text overlay features

  • High-quality vector-based text generation algorithm.
  • Scaling of text without quality loss.
  • Outlined text support.
  • Word-break, vertical, tab-stop, uppercase, lowercase and other flags.
  • Various text scaling modes (word-break, maintain aspect ratio, exact fit, scale to fit in a rect, scaling or item size change upon text update).
  • Subtitles support (.SRT files).
  • Text effects: Shadow, Glow, Motion Blur, Rotation, etc.
  • Gradient fill for text, outline and background (with transparency).
  • HTML support to enable rich text formatting or images within a single text item.

Graphics overlay features

  • Supported figures: rects, round rects, ellipses, polygons, stars, etc.
  • Gradient fill, outline, and background.

Image overlay features

  • Supported file formats: BMP (with alpha), JPEG, TGA (with alpha), GIF (animated, with alpha), TIFF, WMF, EXIF and PNG (with alpha).
  • Support for image sequences.
  • Resizing of images during playback.

Supported development environments

This technology is available to developers in C#, VB6, VB.NET, and Delphi. No DirectShow expertise is necessary.


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