AV Stumpfl

Based in Austria, AV Stumpfl has a strong brand in high-performance projection screens and state-of-the-art media servers and multi-display show control systems. The company's playout and video capture software is powered by a Medialooks video SDK.
Moving to MFormats has solved important stability issues, streamlined the development process and considerably decreased codec licensing fees. "And then we began using your products and it made everything much easier," said Christoph Hilger. "We don't need DirectShow anymore; configuration is the same on each customer PC; we have no problems with codecs configuration anymore and you don't charge thousands of dollars per codec per year."
"The MFormats SDK is really very stable, we have no problems with it at all," Hilger added. "We are very happy with it. During programming everything is really fine, and it works as expected, but especially with the customers, which is much more important, we have no problems."