Autumn Medialooks SDK release

It's been a long time since our last official release. We decided to do the releases once in 3 months to give you enough time for proper implementation and testing of new features and updates.

We released several beta versions available to our active clients for early feedbacks on updates during the autumn months, being focused on device-specific issues, and network streams-related issues, and the overall stability.
Here is a list of major changes in our SDKs:

  1. Updated input/output devices functionality (added keying, Closed Captions support) for AJA, Deltacast, Bluefish;
  2. Added audio normalization (EBU R128, ITU-R BS.1770) functionality and LUFS measurement;
  3. Implemented SRT streaming and playback;
  4. Added AMD AMF H.264 option for local file encoding, network streaming and WebRTC;
  5. Released a beta version of GPU-powered frame processing to optimize performance;
  6. Added RTP and Pro-MPEG streaming support;
  7. Improved network streaming and playback of network streams.
A full list of changes you can find in release notes of MPlatform and MFormats.
Medialooks Community
I have to inform you that we opened a Community section on our support portal where you can ask general quesitons about SDK or post and discuss feature requests.

We'll be in touch there!

Alexander Bashlykov
Head of Tech Support
Our newsletter
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