Product Delivery

Overview of the product delivery process.

Product Delivery

After purchasing the license you will receive a set of license files and activation instructions. Delivery is made via email.

Before the license keys can be delivered we ask the customer to provide at least two email contacts. The first (technical contact) will be used to deliver the license files and, in the future, will periodically receive email notifications about new releases of the licensed product (including information about bug fixes and new features). The Licensee agrees that at least one email address will be provided and will be receiving such mailings in order for MediaLooks to make sure the Licensee is informed about the Product's changes. 7 days before and upon subscription expiration we will send a note to this contact informing about the option to renew the subscription.

The second contact will only be used to inform about subscription expiration.

Both email contact, however, may be occasionally used to provide the customer with information about new and related products.

Upon delivery of the license keys the Licensee's email address (or several addresses) will be associated with his license and periodical mailings with information about new releases (including) will be made.

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